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Chapter 24

New Imperalism the late 19th c drive by Europeans to take over other territori
Afrikaners Descendants of Dutch settlers in South Africa
Berlin Conference meeting in Berlin in 1884 and 1885 between Europeans leaders in order to create rules for the imperialistic competition in Africa
Orientalism term coined by Edward Said to describe the way Westerners misunderstood and described colonial subjects and cultures
White Man's Burden poem by Rudyard Kipling describing the obligation of Europeans to civilize non-white peoples
Great Rebellion/Sepoy Mutiny insurrection by Muslim/Hindu mercenaries in the British army that spread throughout India before being crushed
Meiji Restroation the restoration of the Japanese emperor to power which led to modernization in Japan
Hundred Days of Reform series of Western-style reforms launched in 1898 by the Chinese government in an attempt to meet foreign challenge
Created by: birmingham