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PRE1 2009-2 13-25


tedium the quality or state of being tedious or boring ; (時間が)長くてあきあきすること,退屈.
commodity something that is bought and sold ; 商品; (農業・鉱業などの)産物.
novelty the quality or state of being new, different, and interesting ; 珍しさ,目新しさ.
claim to say that (something) is true when some people may say it is not true ; 〈…だと〉主張する,言い張る.
contradictory involving or having information that disagrees with other information : containing a contradiction ; 矛盾した,両立しない
frank used to say that someone is speaking or writing in a very direct and honest way ; 率直な
frustrated very angry, discouraged, or upset because of being unable to do or complete something ; 〈計画・希望などに〉挫折(ざせつ)する,失敗しておこる.
obscure not well-known : not known to most people; はっきりしない,ぼんやりした: 不明瞭な,あいまいな.
dubious not used before a noun : unsure or uncertain : feeling doubt about something ; 疑っている,不審に思っている,疑ぐるような.
explicit very clear and complete : leaving no doubt about the meaning ; 〈陳述など〉明白な,はっきりした,明示的な
cynical believing that people are generally selfish and dishonest ; 皮肉な,冷笑的な,世をすねた
dehydration to remove water or moisture from (something, such as food) ; 脱水.
dilute to make (a liquid) thinner or less strong by adding water or another liquid ; (水などを加えて)薄める.
timd feeling or showing a lack of courage or confidence ; 臆病な,小心な; おずおずした,内気な
revolt to fight in a violent way against the rule of a leader or government ; 反乱を起こす,反抗する.
rage a strong feeling of anger that is difficult to control ; 激怒,憤怒
fusion a combination or mixture of things ; 溶解; 融解.
invest to use money to earn more money : to use your money to purchase stock in a company, to buy property, etc., in order to make future profit ; 〈資本・金を〉投資する.
heed to pay attention to (advice, a warning, etc.) ; 〈…を〉心に留める,〈…に〉気をつける.
sprain to injure (a joint) by twisting it in a sudden and painful way ; 〈足首などを〉捻挫(ねんざ)する.
expel to officially force (someone) to leave a place or organization ; 〈…を〉〔…から〕追い出す,追い払う,駆逐する
impulse a sudden strong desire to do something ; (心の)衝動,一時の感情,はずみ,でき心.
avail to be useful or helpful to (someone or something) ; 〔…を〕利用する,〔…に〕乗ずる
riot a situation in which a large group of people behave in a violent and uncontrolled way ; (集団による)暴動,騒動;
analogy a comparison of two things based on their being alike in some way; 類似,似寄り
prone likely to do, have, or suffer from something ; 〔好ましくないものへの〕傾向があって ; 〈…し〉がちで,〈…し〉やすくて.
adrift floating on the water without being tied to anything or controlled by anyone ; 〈船が〉漂って,漂流して.
drowsy tired and ready to fall asleep ; 眠い; 眠そうな.
illiterate not knowing how to read or write ; 字を知らない,読み書きのできない
cunning getting what is wanted in a clever and often deceptive way ; こうかつな,ずるい,悪賢い
anonymity the quality or state of being unknown to most people : the quality or state of being anonymous ; 無名[作者不明]であること.
deformity a condition in which part of the body does not have the normal or expected shape ; ぶかっこう : (体の)奇形.
Created by: na235
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