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Medical Terminology

Module 1, 2, 3a

abdomin/o abdomen
aden/o gland
adren/o adrenal gland
adrenal/o adrenal gland
alb/o white
albin/o white
an/o anus
angi/o vessel
aort/o aorta
append/o appendix
appendic/o appendix
arteri/o artery
anteriol/o arteriole: small artery
arthr/o joint
atel/o imperfect: incomplete
ather/o fatty substance
aut- , auto- self, own
axill/o armpit
bacteri/o bacteria
bi/o life
bucc/o cheek
carcin/o cancer, cancerous
cardi/o heart
caus/o burn; burning
cauter/o burn; heat
cec/o cecum
cephal/o head
cerebr/o largest part of the brain
chem/o drug; chemical
chol/e gall; bile
cholangi/o bile vessel
cholecyst/o gallbladder
chrom/o colour
chron/o time
cirrh/o yellow
cis/o to cut
col/o; colon/o colon
coron/o heart
cortic/o cortex; outer membrane of organ
crin/o to secrete
cry/o cold (temperatures)
cyan/o blue
cyst/o urinary bladder; a sac or cyst
dent/i tooth
derm/o; dermat/o skin
dips/o thirst
dors/o dorsal (back side of the body)
duoden/o duodenum
electr/o electricity
encephal/o brain
enter/o intestines; usually small
eosin/o rosy pinkish colour
erythr/o red (blood cell)
esophag/o esophagus (food tube)
gastr/o stomach
gingiv/o gum
glauc/o grey
gloss/o tongue
gluc/o; glyc/o; glycos/o sugar
gnos/o knowledge
gonad/o sex organs
gynec/o woman
hem/o; hemat/o blood
hepat/o liver
herni/o hernia
hom/o similar
home/o sameness; unchanging; consistant
hydr/o water
iatr/o treatment; physician
ile/o ileum
immun/o safe; protection
inguin/o groin
is/o alike; equal
jejun/o jejunum
klept/o to steal
labi/o lip
lapar/o abdominal wall; abdomen
later/o side
lei/o smooth
lept/o thin
lingu/o tongue
lip/o fat
lith/o stone
log/o study of
lymph/o lymph
medi/o middle
melan/o black
muc/o mucus
necr/o death; of cells or whole body
nephr/o kidney
neur/o nerve
odont/o tooth
olig/o few; scant
onc/o tumor
ophthalm/o eye
or/o mouth
orth/o normal; straight; correct
oste/o bone
palat/o palate
pancreat/o pancreas
parathyroid/o parathyroid
path/o desease
ped/o child
peritone/o double-layer membrane in the abdomen
phag/o eating
pharmac/o drug; chemical
pharyng/o throat
phleb/o vein
phon/o voice
phot/o light
physi/o nature
poikil/o irregulare
polyp/o small growth
poster/o back of the body, behind
proct/o anus and rectum
psych/o mind
py/o pus
pylor/o pylorus
radi/o radiation; x-ray
rect/o rectum
ren/o kidney
rhin/o nose
sarc/o fleshy; connective tissue
sect/o to cut
sigmoid/o sigmoid (colon)
somat/o body
son/o sound
spher/o round
sphygm/o pulse
spir/o coiled
splen/o spleen
sten/o narrow; contracted
stom/o; stomat/o mouth
tax/o order; arrangement; coordination
tele/o design; purpose
therm/o heat
thromb/o clot; clotting
thyr/o; thyroid/o thyroid
tonsil/o tonsils
tox/o; toxic/o poison
ur/o urinary tract; urine
vas/o vessel; vein
ven/o vein
ventr/o belly side of the body
venul/o venule; small vein
viscer/o internal organs
xanth/o yellow
-ac; -al; -ic; -ical; pertaining to
-algia pain
-arche beginning
-asthenia weakness
-blast formative cell
-cele hernia
-centisis puncture to remove fluid
-cidal to kill; to destroy
-clasis to break
-coccus berry-shaped bacterium
-crine to secrete
-crit to seperate
-cyte cell
-cytosis abnormal cell increase
-derma skin
-desis fixation; to bind
-dilation widening
-dynia pain
-ectasis widening
-ectomy removal
-emesis vomiting
-emia blood condition
-esis condition
-esthesia sensation
-gen substance that forms or produces
-genic producing; forming
-genesis condition of forming; producing
-globin; -globulin protien
-gram record or tracing
-graph recording instrument
-graphy process of recording
-ia condition
-iasis abnormal condition
-iatrist doer; one who; practitioner
-id; oid resembling
-ion process
-ism condition of
-ist specialist
-itis inflammation
-um; -ium structure; tissue
-ize act of
-logy process of study
-lysis to break down; to loosen
-lytic loosening; breaking down
-malacia softening
-mania obsessive preoccupation
-megaly elargement
-meter instrument to measure
--ole little; small (artery)
-oma tumor, swelling, mass
-opia vision
-opsy process of viewing
-osis abnormal condition
-paresis slight paralysis
-partum birth
-pathy disease condition
-penia deficiency
-pexy to put in place
-phagia eating; swallowing
-phasia speech
-phobia fear of
-phonia voice; sound
-plasia development; formation
-plasty surgical repair
-plegia paralysis
-pnea breathing
-ptosis drooping; falling
-ptysis spitting
-rrhage; -rrhagia bursting forth (of blood)
-rrhaphy suture or repair
-rrhea discharge
-sclerosis hardening
-scope instrument to visually examine
-scopy process of visually examining
-sis state of
-spasm involuntary contraction
-stasis control; stoppage
-staxis bursting forth
-stenosis narrowing; contracting
-stomy creation of an opening
-therapy treatment
-thorax chest
-tomy process of cutting
-tresia opening
-tripsy to surgically crush
-trophy nourishment; development
-ule little; small (vein)
-uria urine condition
-us thing
-y process; condition
a-; an- no, not, without
dia- complete; through
endo- within
epi- above; upon
ex-; exo- out; outside of
hyper- excessive; more that normal
hypo- deficient; less than normal
in- in; into
peri- around; surrounding
pro- before; forward
para- beside; near; abnormal
re- back, backward
retro- behind
sub- below, under
trans- across
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