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haney muscle skeleta

haney genpathC13 03

no cure, the treatment is only palliative psoriasis
when offending stimulus is removed,it usually subsides. antihistamines are used to control attacks urticaria
therapy may include use of strong antibacterial solution applied to skin acne vulgaris
treatment varies with cause. medications or sometimes they is no treatment alopecia
antibiotics are essential. and cleaning of the lesions impetigo
infected area must be cleansed with soap and water. antibiotics are frequently prescribed. surgical drainage may be necessary furuncles and carbuncles
permethrin cream rinse and a finned tooth comb to remove lice and nits. pediculosis
skin pressure must be alleviated and excellent skin hygiene provided. topical powders may be applied decubitus ulcers
topical fungicidal might be necessary dermatophytoses
relieving pressure or friction points along skin. surgical debridement may be necessary corns and calluses
may be removed my surgical excision , cryosurgery, or keratolytic agents warts
lesoins may be treated with corticosteroid cream or injected with the medication. systemic drugs may be used if topicals do not work discoid lupus erythematosus
treatment is palliative. chemotherapy with immunosuppressive drugs may be tried. scleroderma
shampoos containing selenium sulfide or zinc pyrithione are helpful in controlling scaling. hydrocortisone may relieve redness and itching. seborrheic dermatitis
skin surface must be throughly cleansed of irritant. lotions or creams my be used. contact dermatitis
local and systemic agents may be prescribed to stop itching. atopic dermatitis
treatment is symptomatic. lseions should be kept dry and clean and protected. cold sores and fever blisters
sedatives analgesics and antipruritics may be prescribed. herpes zoster (shingles)
goal of treatment is to completely eradicate the lesions. skin carcinomas
the level of invasion and thickness will determine the treatment.surgical excision may be necessary. chemotherapy is recommended malignant melanoma
exposing the affected area to air and applying a heat lamp may be effective in many cases. diaper rash
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