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prevention for this infection includes cleanliness and proper eye care stye
Prevention is wearing protective eyewear when engaging in hazardous occupations or sports following recommendations for cleaning and wearing contact lenses corneal abrasion
there is no known prevention for most ________. cataracts
For this diease, it is important for all persons 20 years of age and older to have ophthalmoscopic examinations every 3-5 years. Glaucoma
Zinc supplements may be helpful in preventing complications for this. Macular degeneration
Prevention for this involves careful hygiene, proper handwashing, and the use of clean washcloths and towels. Conjunctivitis
No known prevention other than prompt treatment of infections and the debilitating diseases mentioned Uveitis
Best prevention is proper eye care Keratitis
Prevention includes wearing earplugs when swimming, bathing, or showering; also, cleaning the ear with any foreign objects should be avoided, to minimize the risk of trauma to the ear canal. External otitis (swimmer's ear)
Prompt treatment of any upper respiratory tract infections is prevention for this Otitis media
Certain anticholinergic drug preparations taken prior to traveling are quite useful in preventing the onset of symptoms in susceptible individuals who suffer from this motion sickness
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