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musculoskeletal 06


swayback;prevention includes maintaining good posture lordosis
prevention is following proper lifting techniques herniated intervertebral disk
having a calcium rich diet. high calcium intake, multivitamin, and daily exercise osteoporosis
having an adequate amount of vitamin D in diet osteomalacia
getting care after surgery or after trauma to prevent contamination osteomyelitis
metabolic skeletal disease. a high rate of bone turnover. there is no prevention paget's disease
paying attention and applying safety rules at work and in play fractures
chronic inflammation of joints and bones resulting in degeneration of joint cartilage. there is no prevention osteoarthritis
humpback;prevention is maintaining good posture kyphosis
sideward curvature of spine ro either the right or left side; prevention is maintaining good posture scoliosis
affects synovial membrane of multiple joints; prevention is not known rheumatoid arthritis
tearing or stretching of tendon or muscle; prevention is warming up when preparing to exercise or doing physical activity strain
tearing or stretching of ligament; prevention is warming up when preparing to exercise or doing physical activity sprain
thin walled sc lined with synovial tissue that facilitates movement of tendons and muscles over bony prominences; prevention is avoiding trauma and trenuous exercise that might stress or cause pressure on a joint bursitis
avoid repetitive movemnts of the wrist or hand carpal tunnel syndrome
use wrist rests at computer keyboards and mous pads carpal tunnel syndrome
usually in the shoulder or rotator cuff, hip, achilles tendon or hamstring; prevention is avoiding stenuous exercise or overuse that would stress or place pressure on a tendon. tendonitis
progressive neuromuscular disease that produces progressive, sporadic weakness and exhaustion of skeletal muscles; no known prevention myasthenia gravis
chronic disease of connective tissue characterized by edema, inflammation, and degeneration of skeletal muscles; no specific prevention polymyositis
break in the bone with an open wound; prevention is following safety rules at work or play compound fracture
bone is broken with on eend forced into the interior of the other; prevention is following safety rules at work or play impacted fracture
cells and tissues throughout the body are damaged by a variety of autoantibodies and immmune complexes; there are no specific preventive measures systemic lupus erythematosus(SLE)
carriers of this genetic defect known to cause this disease way want to reveive genetic sounseling duchenne's muscular dystrophy
bone is partially bent and split, most common in children or adults with soft bones; prevention is following safety rules at work or play greenstick fracture
break in bone with no external wound to the skin closed fracture
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