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FCAT Vocab Rev P1

Fcat Vocab Review

conservatory school for the instruction of music
croon sing, hum, murmur in a low tone
decoy lure or bait
garish in bad taste, gaudy, showy
evensong evening prayer
eyespot a simple or primative visual organ
chaff a worthless or trivial matter
ohm a unit of electrical resistance
gyrus a convulted ridge between anatomical grooves
hackney to make common or frequent use of; to make common
lisp a speech impediment makeing it difficult to say the "S" sound
laxative a medicine or herb that induces a bowl movement
flux a flowing series of continuous change
halcyon calm, peaceful, happy
quibble to play with words
sobriquet a nickname or pet name
cirrhosis liver disease
enthrall to be held captive by beauty or interest
demerit a bad mark or point against you
espridecorps team spirit
Created by: mrscutler
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