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Ancient Rome

What year was Ancient Rome founded? 753 B.C- A.D 476
What river was the major source of water and transpiration in Ancient Rome? Tiber River
When did the Roman Kingdom start and end? 753 B.C- 509 B.C
When did the Roman Republic start and end? 509 B.C- 27 B.C
When did the Roman Empire Start and end? 27 B.C- 476 A.D
What is the major language they spoke? Latin
What was the name of Rome's marketplace and business center? Forum
Who would be found fighting people, animals, or criminals in Ancient Rome? Gladiators
How many aqueducts were built during the years of Ancient Rome? 11
What was the name of the giant racetrack used for chariot racing? Circus Maximus
Who was the great general that led to the end of the Roman Republic and expansion of Roman territory? Julius Ceaser
Who was the first emperor of Rome and was the adopted son of Julius Caesar? Augustus
What structure still serves as the symbol for Ancient Rome and was built strictly for public entertainment? Colosseum
What structure served as a spot for social gatherings and a place to clean up? Bath house
What country is Rome located in? Italy
What year did Rome adopted Christianity? 313 A.D
Who was the emperor that adopted Christianity as the main religion? Constantine
What architectural achievement involving a keystone helped the Romans create the aqueducts? Arch
What was considered one of Rome's greatest architectural achievements because it supplied Rome with over 200 million gallons of water a day? Aqueducts
What is the name of the largest unsupported concrete dome in Ancient Rome? Pantheon
Which emperor was conceited the craziest in Romans history because of a fire and large palace? Nero
What Germanic tribe took over Ancient Rome in 476 A.D? The Visigoths and the Vandals
What major time period came after Ancient Rome? Middle ages or Dark ages
A citizen from wealth and nobility is called....? Patcrician
An ordinary citizen in Romans daily life was called a ....? Plebian
How many miles of roads were there? 50,000 miles
What was the name of the food served to the poor in Ancient Rome? Garum
What emperor was responsible for the building of the Colosseum, and controlled the largest Roman Empire? Trajan
What emperor was mostly responsible for building the aqueducts in Ancient Rome? Claudius
What was the famous slave that tried to lead a rebellion against the Roman Republic? Spartacus
Name 5 ways people could become gladiators? Prisoners of war Slaves Free men who volunteered and sign contracts Some men of royalty Some woman would particapate
Created by: Lizj123