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indulge in To engage or take part, especially freely or avidly
toddler a young child learning to walk.
well-intentioned Marked by or having good intentions
anguish Agonizing physical or mental pain; torment
marital satisfaction the feeling of being satisfied with your marital status
to be on par with equal to someone or something
until fairly recently until lately
economically worthless not worth the money spent
a steady job a permanent job
make a mad dash to run quickly for someone or something.
we're defaulting on to fail to act in some way regarding something, such as failing to make a payment, thereby losing one's right to the thing in question.
The Hippocratic Oath the words all doctors say before completeng formal education
It occurs to me it seems to me
self-esteem confidence
back smth/smb up support
close-knit family united family
immediate family your wife/husband and children
extended family your reltives like aunts, uncles, cousins, etc
in-laws your wife's or husband's relatives
take after resemble a relative
family trait typical characteristic of a family member
have things in common have the same interests, biography
get together gather together
to be close to smb to be attached to smb
to get on with to get along with
look up to smb admire smb
rely on smb depend on smb
look after smb take care of smb
bring up smb raise smb
age difference age gap
to be smb's flesh and blood быть кровными родственниками to be smb's close relative
like two pears in a pod быть похожими как 2 капли воды to be very similar, to have smth in common
blood is thicker than water сильная родственная связь People who are related have stronger obligations to each other than to people outside the family
to see eye to eye with on smth ссориться to agree about someone or something with someone else
fall out with smb ссориться to argue wiith smb
strike up a relationship начать отношения to begin something; to cause something to begin. (Typically, the playing of a band, a conversation, or a friendship.)
get on like a house on fire быстро стать друзьями like each other very much and become friends very quickly
get to know smb узнать кого то to learn about smb
keep in touch with оставаться на связи с кем то to stay in contact with
fall for smb влюбиться в кого то to fall in love with someone.
love at first sight любовь с первого взгляда love established when two people first see one another
to be in a relationship встречаться с кем то to be seeing smb
to be well matched быть хорошей парой (of two people) likely to have a successful relationship
to pop the question предложить выйти замуж To propose marriage, to propose to smb
to be ready to settle down быть готовым остепениться to be willing to marry and have kids
to have smb's ups and downs иметь взлеты и падения have bad and good times
to break up разойтись ( о неженатых) te become separated
to fall head over heels in love быть по уши влюбленным to have a crash on smb
before tying the knot перед тем, как пойти к алтарю (неворм) informal to get married
to drift apart разбежаться lose personal contact over time
to lose touch with потерять связь stop contact with
have a soft spot for любить кого-то(и поэтому позволять этом человеку то, что обычно не позволяете)To like someone .We often use this when it’s slightly surprising that we like the person.
speak the same language говорить на одном языке have similar ideas and thoughts as them
be on the same wavelength быть на одной волне to have similar thoughts and ideas as someone else
Impact влиять influence
Make ends meet сводить концы с концами To earn and spend equal amounts of money
Maternity leave отпуск по уходу за ребенком a period a woman takes care after her new baby
Nanny няня babysitter
Childminder воспитатель a person whose job is to take care of other people's children in her or his own home
Daycare ясли a place, program, or organization that takes care of children or sick adults during the day usually while their family members are at work
Nursery care/school детский сад an establishment providing residential or day care for babies and very young children;
Disobedient непослушный neglecting or refusing to obey
Distracted отвлеченный Lack of concentration.
joint custody совместная опека both parents get the right to spend equal time with the child after divorce
Permissive parenting вседозволительное родительство offers warmth and caring but little parent control
uninvolved parenting родительство невмешательства undemanding and unresponsive parents
to inherit наследовать to have (a characteristic, disease, etc.) because of the genes that you get from your parents when you are born
Trait черта (характера) a feature or a characteristic
to transmit передавать to pass on smth
heritage наследие или наследство something transmitted by or acquired from a predecessor
lax нестрогий Not sufficiently strict, severe, or careful:
Family background семья, род the sort of family you come from
A large household большая семья, живущая под одной крышей) all the people who live in one house
domestic life семейная жизнь connected with the private family home
breadwinner добытчик (в семье )a person who earns all or most of the money in family
support my family поддерживать семью to have enough money to be able to look after a family
a family man семьянин a man who enjoys being at home with his wife and children
fatherly/ motherly (ie concern and duties) отцовский. материнский (тревога или долг )characteristic of a father/mother (ie concern and duties)
Next of kin ближайший родственник your closest relative, who should be told if you are injured or killed
to bear a remarkable resemblance to smb быть очень похожим на кого то to be or look somebody / something else
live apart from жить раздельно if married people decide to separate, then they live apart
preschooler дошколенок a child attending a preschool
rewarding friendship/relationship приятные отношения (приносящие радость) mutual benefit friendship, giving a lot of pleasure
anti-social behavior асоциальное поведение actions that harm or lack consideration for the well-being of others
nurture воспитывать help someone or something develop and grow
interaction взаимодействие communication
relate to (a child) относиться к ребенку respond or listen to a (child)
family gatherings семейные собрания, встречи family meetings, family association
sibling rivalry соперничество между детьми в семье the jealousy, competition and fighting between brothers and sisters
family resemblance семейное сходство similarity in a family. Example : face, hair, nose...
physical resemblance сходство по фигическим характеристикам physical similarity
striking resemblance поразительное сходство unusual or abnormal similarity
maternal instinct материнский инстинкт connection between parent and a baby
bond (n) связь, узы very close relationship
adolescence (n) юность stage between childhood and adulthood
close-knit (of a group of people) тесно связанный caring and supportive (of a group of people)
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