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Week One PSAT

Week One PSAT Princeton Review

candid D-completely honestE- His candid explination of my performance helped me understand why I did not win the competition.
conjecture D-inference, guessworkE- Often, people's opinions are based on conjecture, rather than what actually happened.
didactic D-instructiveE-Today's class on Romeo and Juliet was truly didactic, my understanding of Act 1 is much more clear.
euphemism D- mild or vague term, substituting for an offensive termE- "To fall on hard times" is a euphemism for having financial struggles.
extrapolate D-to infer or estimate by extending known informationE- In Romeo and Juliet, there are many metaphors, so readers must extrapolate information about the characters.
incoherent D- lacking cohesion or connectionE- After he hit his head on the ice, his sentences were incoherent because he only said every third word.
insinuate D-To introduce or communicate stealthilyE- Sherry insinuated that Sally stole herwallet by pointing to her bag and asking why it was bigger than it was before.
lucid D- easily understoodE- When teaching math, it is important to provide lucid explinations and several examples so students understand why and how to compelte the problems.
rhetoric D- the art of using language effectively and persuasivelyE- Ms. Carel's rhetoric when talking about Shakespeare is impressive because she has been studying the topic for more than two decades.
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