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ast exams

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blocks/reduces secretions anticholinergic
used as a tranquilizer neuroleptic
type o blood universal
dextran artificial plasma used as volume expander in shock patients.
constricts pupil miotic; miochol
mydriatic dialates pupil
mannitol osmotic diuretic that decreases intracranial and intraoccular pressure.
aviteneh hemostatic agent
narcotic antagonist reverses effect of narcotic; narcan/naloxone
commonly used donor tendon for free flexor tendon graft palmaris longus & plantaris tendon
transrectus abdominus muscle used for TRAM flap in breast reconstuction.
rhytidectomy facelift
microtia absence of external ear
the degree endoscope is used in Maxillary sinus surgery 120 degrees
trifurcate incision Y incision used in radical neck dissection
total laryngectomy complete removal of larynx, hyoid bone, and strap muscles.
where is the tracheostomy incision created in the neck below cricoid cartilage
co2 and helium-neon lasers used in surgeries for the larynx and vocal cords.
intussusception intestinal blockage at ileocecal junction; invagination of proximal intestine into lumen of distal intestine
Hakim shunt used to treat hydrocephalus
omphalocele failure of intestines to encapsulate within peritoneal cavity...herniation thru midline defect in abdominal wall
hirschsprung's segment of colon that lacks ganglia. congenital anganglionosis
craniosyntosis premature closure of cranial suture lines
recession procedure for an overactive strabismus muscle
na bicarbonate counteracts metabolic acidosis by raising ph levels and restoring bicarbonate ion
steris uses paracetic acid; ideal for camera, light cord, and other delicate components of endoscope
watts measures power
Cavitron unit phacoemulsification; uses ultrasonic energy
schnidt long, thoracic forcep
gomco clamp used in circumcisions
Millin retropubic bladder retractor
used in bladder procedures mason-judd retractor
Sarot bronchus clamp
Bougies esophageal dialators
Auvard vaginal speculum
Bailey rib approximator
nerve retractor used in laminectomy scoville retractor
used in ear surgery lempert elevator
bowman probes used in lacrimal surgery
finochietto rib approximator
common duct dialators Bakes
lebsche used to open sternum
PET positron emission tomograph; imaging of dynamic activities.....blood flow, glucose uptake.
multiple punches at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o'clock cervical biopsy
papanicolaou cytologic study of cervical smear
marshall-marchetti procedure vesicourethral abdominal suspension
enterocele herniation of the pouch of douglas
Rubin's test confirms diagnosis of etopic pregnancy
cervical carcinoma in-situ noninvasive cancer that is limited to the epithelial layer
trachelorrhaphy reconstruction of cervical canal
pelviscopy endoscopic approach to pelvic and intraabdominal examination
culdoscopy diagnostic test for infertility. used for tubal ligation, biopsy, removal of cysts.
Shirodkar procedure cervical cercalage
Stamey procedure suspension of bladder neck for treatment of female incontinence
endometrial ablation treats abnormal uterine bleeding
Methylene blue can confirm tubal patency
schauta radical hysterctomy
radical hysterctomy removal of uterus, upper 3rd of vagina & tubes
Wertheim total hysterctomy
pelvic exeneration removal of all organs from pelvic cavity
chromotubation injection of methylene blue to determine patency of fallopian tubes
amps measures current
garceau uretal catheter dialates ureter
nephrostomy temporarily drains kidney w/malecot or pezzar catheter
magpi used to correct hypospadius
pyelostomy pelvis of kidney is incised for short term urinary diversion
orchiopexy fixation of testicle
transcystoscopic urethroplasty balloon dialation of prosthetic prostate
Nd-Yag laser eradicates bladder tumors
healon used to repalce vitreous in eye procedures
pilocarpine miotic
tetracaine topical anesthetic used in eye procedures
wydase increases tissue diffusion of nerve blocks during eye procedures
glycerol reduces intraocular pressure
cardiac catheterization image intensification to diagnose coronary artery disease
fogarty catheter used during embolectomy, balloon tipped catheter
greenfield filter intercepts migrating clots from lower extremeties
papaverine used for its antispasmatic effect on smooth muscle of vessel wall....dialator
ACT activated clotting time
VAD ventricular assist devices....augments cardiac output
neurolysis freeing of an adhesed nerve....carpal tunnel
keller arthroplasty bunionectomy
McConnell positioning device for shoulder surgery
Bankart rotator cuff repair
talipes varus clubfoot
free lock compression screw used to reduce hip fracture
5 stages of bone healing hematoma forms fibrin network osteoblasts released callus formation remodeling of bone
Miller-gallante knee joint prosthesis
hematocrit % of blood made up of RBC's
compazine antiemetic
vas deferens stores and propels sperm
fibrin thrombin + fibrinogen
bacteriostatic inhibits growth of microorganisms
parotid glands salivator gland attacked by mumps
adnoids pharyngeal tonsils
spinal nerves 31 pairs 8 cervical 12 thoracic 5 lumbar 5 saccral 1 coccygeal
trigeminal(v) sensory nerve of face and head
cerebellum voluntary muscles, balance, muscle tone
medulla oblongata respiratory center
5,000-10,000 avg # of leukocytes circulating in blood
ventricular contractions caused by A-V node
shoulder bridge thyroid elevator; hyperextends thyroid and shoulder area
determine magnification of microscope oculars and objective lens
candela laser kidney stones
slit lamp defines depth perception, used in eye procedures
hickman catheter facilitates infusion of chemotherapeutic drugs
fulguration high voltage current used to char skin; used in TURP
incarcerated/irreducible hernia contents of hernia sac are trapped in extraabdominal sac
catheters used in gastrostomy mushroom, malecot, foley
cottonoids dissecting sponge used in brain surgery
MAST medical anti-shock trouser: used to counteract internal bleeding conditions and hypovolemia
has largest mass of lymphatic tissue spleen
Study of the form and structure of bacteria morphology
used to remove plaque from carotid penfield dissector
the rate at which work is done power
thoracotomy surgical incision of chest wall
constricts pupil and helps prevent loss of vitreous pilocarpine
neo-synepherine; phenylephrine HCL mydriatic drug
TENS (transcutaneous electric nerve stimulation fragments calculi, tubless lithotripsy
litholapaxy crushing of urinary calculi with a lithotrite, which is introduced thru the urethra
argon laser blue-green wavelength that is used for retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy and macular neovascular lesions
fuse together to form pelvis ilium, ischium, pubis
thyroid gland located on front and sides of trachea below larynx
2-0 chromic best for liver lacerations
megabyte measures computer speed
jennings retractor used to hold mouth open during tonsillectomy
tramsverse rectus muscle commonly used for flap reconstruction in mammoplasty
potential energy energy an object has due position or condition
papaverine dialates peripheral blood vessels during peripheral vascular procedures
leyla-yasagil self retaining retractor used during craniotomy
blunt needle point used to suture liver
electron microscope used to view viruses
eukeryote fungi
binary fission division of a cell
morphology study of form and structure of bacteria
gram stain differentiates bacteria
heparin prevents formation of new clots
hypaque meglumine radiopaque contrast media
ketalar (ketamine hydrochloride) dissociative drug that produces a trance like state
-trophy developement, nourishment
haemophilus influenzae bacteria responsible for epiglottitis
dienchephalon located between midbrain and cerebrum
resolution refers to a robots ability to differentiate between 2 objects
hinge joint permits movement on one plane
inferior oblique rotates up and away from midline
3 tunics of eye sclera, choroid, retina
external carotid supplies blood to thyroid gland
Dartos muscle Tunica albuginea is sutured here during orchiopexy
atelectasis collapsed lung
prokaryote bacteria
-pexy fixation
syncope sudden loss of consiousness
myelography radiographic visualization of spinal cord
Bowman probes lacrimal probes
Levin tube nasogastric tube used for gastrointestinal decompression
staging categorization and series
electric stimulation treats nonunion of bone
normal bladder capacity 700-800 ml
350mg proper setting for tourniquet applied to thigh
Mason Judd bladder retractor
ellik evacuater double bowl shaped glass evacuater that is used to irrigate bladder during TURP
phimosis foreskin cannot be retracted
3 types of wound healing primary, 2nd intention(granulation) 3rd intention
peroneal nerve lower leg/knee...can be damaged in certain surgical positions
vertebral column 7 cervical, 12 thoracic, 5 lumbar, 1 sacrum, 1 coccyx
50-60% humidity in OR, not below 45%
slow exhaust sterilization used for liquids
maximum dosage of local per hour 50ml to 1% solutio
escharectomy burn removal of tissue down to fascia
12x12x20 maximum size of linen packs
Right hemicolectomy removes pathology of ascending colon
10min @ 270 flash autoclave for more than one item
angiogram contrast media to study intracranial vessels
autoclaving wrapped tubing 250 for 30min
polyglycolic acid suture (monocryl and ethicon) absorbs by hydrolysis
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