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hanemuscle skeletal

haney genpathC12 03

physical exam and x- rays of the spine are used to detect deformities of the spine
tests for herniated intervertebral disks x-ray, CT, MRI, myelography
a bone scintiscan, bone biopsy, or CT scan can detect osteoporosis
laboratory tests include blood analysis of phosphate, alkaline phosphatase, total protein, hydroxyvitamin,, albumin, and creatinine. osteomalacia
blood culturesor aspirationand culture of fluid from infected site are essential to isolate microorganism osteomyelitis
x-rays, bone scintiscans, and bone marrow biopsies may help diagnosis the disease. Paget's disease
x-ray are used to locate the site and determine severity fractures
synovial fluid analysis may be ordered to rule out inflammatory arthritis. osteoarthritis
a positive rheumatoid factor blood test is diagnosis in most cases. rheumatoid arthritis
identification of urate crystals in joint or the presence of tophi in and around joints gout
x-rays will rule out possible fractures . sprains and strains
clients clinical picture and a medical history may be all that is necessary for diagnosis bursitis
decreased sensation of touch or pinpricks of the fingers, and a positive tinel's sign carpal tunnel syndrome
arthrogram may find diagnosis, a medical history of strain or injury tendonitis
electromyography may confirm diagnosis myasthenia gravis
a muscle biopsy may reveal tissue changes such as muscle fiber necrosis, infiltration of muscle tissue polymyositis
CBC iwth differential, ESR, serum electrophoresis, antinuclear antibody, antiDNA systemic lupus erythematosus
a family history plus other characteristics of symptoms suggest diagnosis duchenne's muscular dystrophy
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