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P/P and T/X


A cervical halter or cervical collar may be used to treat this condition. herniated intervertebral disk
For which condition is the prognosis improved with surgical removal of the herniated disk. herniated intervertebral disk
Dietary calcium, phosphate supplements, and multivitamins may be prescribed for this bone condition. osteoporosis
Exercise may help minimize this condition by slowing the loss of mineral calcium. osteoporosis
This condition may cause the client to constantly sit or lie down more frequently because of the soft bones. osteomalacia
The prognosis for this bone condition is potentially curable. osteomalacia
Treatment for this condition may include a high protein diet, high calcium diet, and vitamin D supplementation. Paget's Disease
Prognosis can include an especially serious complication of bone sarcoma Paget's Disease
Osteoarthritis cannot be cured. true
Colchicine may be prescribed to alleviate the symptoms of an acute attack of this disease gout
complications of this disease include hypertension, kidney stones, and renal damage. gout
treatment may include application of cold/heat, immobilization of affected part, and analgesics bursitis
if infection results, surgical drainage or aspiration may be necessary for this disease bursitis
rest of the wrist and support with a splint is the first treatment for this condition carpal tunnel syndrome
surgical decompression of the nerve may be necessary for this condition carpal tunnel syndrome
local steroid injections and physical therapy is needed for this condition tendonitis
a chronic form of this condition may require surgical intervention to remove calcium deposits tendonitis
the mild stage of this disease requires only anti-inflammatory agents, including aspirin systemic lupus erythematosus
corticosteroid drugs remain the treatment of choice for this disease SLE
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