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Decline of Feudalism

How did the English and French effect Feudalism? They started the Hundred Years War which led to many deaths
How did the Hundred Years War start? The English said they had a claim to land in France and the French started attacking
How did weapons contribute to the decline of Feudalism? It made knights and castles useless
How did the Hundred Years War effect Feudalism? It helped shift the power to a monarch to nobles to commoners. The new feeling of nationalism also shifted power away from lords
How did the Plague travel? It was the bacteria carried by fleas carried by rats. The bacteria came from all the way from Asia to Europe. It traveled through Silk Road which was the main trading route for Asia and the Mediterreanean.
What were some symptoms of the plague? fever, weakness, abdominal pain, chills,bumps called buboes, vomiting, fierce coughing/sneezing, bleeding in the lungs, a mental disorientation, and an intense desire to sleep
How did it change in power? Since there were so many deaths, especially peasants, nobles had to work since only the peasants knew how to farm and most of them were dead
How did the Plague effect Feudalism? So many peasants died so nobles had to work to live and eat.
What did King Henry II do? His reforms made the royal courts more stronger but the expenses went to the nobles. He had a major dispute with the Roman Catholic Church
What was Magna Carta? It was a document where it established rights and liberties for kings or maonarchs to follow. It limited the power of kings, and it said monarchs cannot rule without advice from the governed.
What was the Model Parliament? It was where people discussed about laws and make documents. It gave power to commoners too.
How did political instability effect Feudalism? It limited power of kings, strenghtened the royal court but the expexses went to the nobles, and it gave power to the commoners
Created by: JedKImchi