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トフル あかい 24

constraint something that restricts thought or action
contamination being made less clean by a germ or hazardous substance
deplete to greatly decrease the supply of a resource or material
dispose of to throw away; to get rid of
emission Sending out from a small space into the general environment; a substance discharged into the air
extinction complete disappearance; the end of existence
reservoir a place where a liquid is collected and stored
shrink to become reduced in size, amount, or value
stable firm and dependable; showing little change
adjust to change; to get accustomed to something
arbitrary chosen simply by whim or chance, not for any specific reason
deominator the number written below the line in a fraction
exponentially at a very fast rate
infinitesimal immeasurably small
maximize to increase or make as great as possible
parallel being an equal distance apart everywhere
proportion a part in relation to the whole
accuracy precision; exactness
compress to press together
feasibly practically; in a way that can work
gut to empty or hollow out
integrally in a whole or complete manner
overlap to lie over part of something; to have elements in common
retain to keep or hold
seep to pass slowly for a long time, as a liquid or gas might
Created by: na235
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