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トフル あかい 23

fermentation breaking down of a substance by microorganisms, such as yeasts and bacteria, usually in the absence of oxygen 発酵、動揺
fertility the quality or state of being capable of breeding or reproducing 肥沃、多産
fidelity faithfulness or devotion to a person, a cause, obligations, or duties 厳守、忠誠
fleet number of vehicles or aircraft operating under one proprietor 艦隊
foe one who is hostile to or opposes the purpose or interests of another 敵意、敵
kin a person connected to another person by blood 親族
laden to load, to pile on , as burden or freight 積んだ、満載した
landslide downward and outward movement of soil and rock 地滑り、地滑り的な、大差の
literal taking words in their basic sense without metaphor or allegory 文字通りの、逐語的な
formidable causing or able to cause fear; imposing a severe test of bodily or spiritual strength 恐ろしい
oscillate to move back and forth with a steady rhythm 振れる、往復する
limbo a place or state of neglect or oblivion; an intermediate or transitional place or state 古聖所
loom to be imminent - about to occur at any moment, being or occurring in the time ahead 機はた、織機
outpost a security detachment thrown our by a main body of troops to protect it from enemy surprise 前哨地
literacy ability to read and write 識字能力
legislature governmental body in a country which passes laws 議会、立法府
partisan showing an inclination for or against something that inhibits impartial judgment 熱心な支持者、味方
outweigh to make up for the defects of ~より勝っている
pasture grassland suitable for grazing 牧草地
override occupying a more elevated or superior position; dominating ~より優位に立つ
patriarchal relating to system of society or government ruled by men 父権制の
adaptability to act of becoming suitable to particular situation or use 順応性
paradigm example of a patter or ideas of particular theories about a given subject 理論や認識の枠組み
adjacent sharing a common boundary 隣の
pare to diminish or reduce by or as if by trimming off an outside, excess, or irregular part of something 皮をむく
adverse acting against or in opposition 敵意のある
Created by: na235
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