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3 Branches of Gov't

Test Prep for 3 Branches of Government

The United States has a ____________. We elect people to represent us in government representative democracy
One way the judicial branch limits or checks the power of the legislative branch is by _________. deciding if a law follows the Constitution
____________ is a system used to balance the power of government by putting limits on each branch so no branch becomes too powerful. checks and balances
Which branch of government is made up of courts? judicial
To pay for government and services, the government collects _____. taxes
The U.S. Congress is made up of ___________. Senate & House of Representatives
Why is there a separation of powers between branches of the United States government? to keep one branch from having too much power
A _______ is a group of officials who make rules or laws for a city or town. city council
The leader of a communities' government is the ________. mayor
All laws made at the state level must follow both the _______ and state Constitutions. national
Most counties in Georgia are led by a __________. board of commissioners
At each of the three levels of government, there are ________ branches. thre
Which branch of government makes laws? legislative
Which of the following is part of Georgia's STATE government? General Assembly President U.S. Congress city council General Assembly
The leader of the EXECUTIVE branch of NATIONAL government is the __________. president
Which of the following places is NOT part of the LOCAL government? a city a county a town a state state
Which branch of government enforces, or carries out laws? executive
Who is the leader of our STATE government? governor
The JUDICIAL branch of the government at the NATIONAL level is led by the _________. Supreme Court
Which of the following helps to run a LOCAL government? General Assembly governor President city council city council
Which branch of government decides what laws mean? judicial
What is the lawmaking branch of Georgia's state government? General Assembly
At the NATIONAL level, the LEGISLATIVE branch is made up of ____________. Congress
An ____________ is the process by which citizens vote for people to represent them. election
Which of these created and described the role of each branch of our NATIONAL government? Supreme Court judicial branch Congress Constitution Constitution
Created by: alisonhowd