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Political Geography

Chapter 8 human geography

landlocked countries no access to sea
how many countries in africa landlocked 15
compact distance from center of country equal lengths from border
what is best shape for compact state circle
examples of compact state zimbabwe, cambodia, central and south africa has a lot
example of landlocked country lesothu
prorupted state otherwise compact except one projecting extension. extension usually because of political reasons
example of prorupted state democratic republic of congo bc gives access to sea
why is afghanistan prorupted British who controlled afghanistan in 1940s didn't want pakistan having a border with russia (in that time soviet union)
fragmented state state cut into two or more pieces by water or another state
examples of fragmented states angola cut by congo
why is colinigrad part of russia major naval base there
elongated state long and slender
example of elongated state vietnam, chile, morroco, portugal, panama
perforated state whole in a state filled by another state
example of perforated state lesotho in south africa
types of physical borders water, desserts, mountains
types of cultural borders political, religious geometric, language
geometric border using math equatons. ex.) US and Canada
example of mountain boundary argentina and chile separated by Andes
example of water boundary CDR and Ugana, lake albert. Kenya tanzania, Uganda lake victoria.
example of dessert boundary common in africa and asia. Sahara dessert known to separate Algeria, Libya, and Egypt on the north, from Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, and Sudan on the south
example of religious boundary South Asia where british made india 2 states based on religion. muslims to pakistan and Hindu to indipendent state of India
example of language boundary especially in europe.
how many islands does indonesia have 13677
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