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CH 10 Review

The part of the nervous system that detects a stimulus is the receptor
The bending of light rays as they pass from air to uid is called refraction
Nerve impulses are carried from the ear to the brain by the ______ nerve. vestibulocochlear
A receptor that senses knee joint position is a _ proprioceptor
A receptor’s ability to decrease its sensitivity to a con-tinuous stimulus is called sensory adaptation
Contains ciliated receptors sensitive to vibration spiral organ
Contains receptors sensitive to light retina
An equilibrium receptor macula
A touch receptor tactile corpuscle
A pain receptor free nerve ending
Which sense is not categorized as special pain
From superficial to deep, what is the order of the eyeball's tunics fibrous, vascular, nervous
Which eye structure is most responsible for light refraction cornea
Which nerve carries sensory signals from the retina optic nerve
What do receptors in the vestibule sense acceleration
Which receptor responds to light photoreceptor
Which relates to the sense of touch tactile
What process alters the lens' shape to allow for near or far vision accommodation
Which secretion is involved in the process of lacrimation tears
which bone is in contact with the tympanic membrane malleus
which is the transparent part of the fibrous tunic cornea
Which is the receptor for hearing sprial organ
which structure detects temperature free nerve ending
which is a component of the eye's vascular tunic choroid
which structure is involved in sensing gravity otoliths
The glands that secrete earwax are called ceruminous glands
the receptors that aid in judging position and changes in location of body parts are proprioceptors
The sense of position is partially governed by equilibrium receptors in the internal ear including two small chambers inthe vestibule and the three semicircular canals
The ciliated cells that function in hearing and equilibrium are called hair cells
The nervous tunic of the eye is the retina
the muscles that adjust the shape of the lens are called ciliary muscles
The lens of the eye adjustes for near or distant vision
Rhodopsin is the _____ _______ in the retina rod pigment
The ____ ____ carries visual impulses to the brain from the rods and cones Optic nerve
_____ contains light-sensitive receptors Retina
The ___________ lines the inner surface of the eyelids conjunctiva
Rods and cones are located in the Retina
One of the three small bones of the middle ear Ossicle
_____ aids in refraction Cornea
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