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MedTerms Week 5

Medical Terminology Week 5

lesion pathological change of tissue due to injury or change of tissue
mucus fluid secretal by the mucous membrane
infection invasion inside of the body by a pathogen
endartrial pertaining to the inside lining
ili/o hip
ileum part of the small intestine
ile/o small intestine
inflammation localized response to an injury: redness(erythema), heat(hypothermia), swelling(edema)
myelopathy abnormal condition of Bone marrow or Spinal Cord
ilium hip bone
myopathy disease of a muscle tissue
-ologist specialist
my/o muscle
gerontologist MD specializes in elderly
fissure groove or crack like sore of the skin. Also describes the normal folds in the contour of brain
fistula abnormal passage between two internal organs or leading from organ to outside of body
arteri/o artery
arthr/o joint
ather/o fat
atherosclerosis hardening of the artery due to fatty deposits
arthralagia pain in the joint
myc/0 fungus
mycosis a disease caused by a fungus
mucous type of membrane that line body cavities
lacer torn
laceration torn or mangled wound
geront- old age
nephrologist MD specializes in Kidney
myel/o Bone Marrow or Spinal Cord
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