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med terms i need to know

myasthenia muscular weakness
myocele hernia or pertrusion of muscle
phag/o eat or swallow
myodynia/ myalgia muscle pain
tendonitis inflamation of the tendon
colopexy surgical fixation of the colon
hepatitis inflamation of the liver
hepat/o liver
gastroenterologist person who studies the stomach and intestines
gastro stomach
colitis inflamation of the colon
myoma muscle tumor
kinesiology study of movement
gastrectomy surgical removal of stomach or part of stomach
cholecyst/o gall bladder
ileostomy surgical opening in the ileum
cholecystectomy surgical removal of the gall bladder
myelitis inflamation of the muscle
colonoscopy viewing of the colon
glossodynia pain in the tongue
gloss tongue
gastroenteritis inflamation of the stomach and intestines
A.P.F ankel plantar flexior muscles
I.M Inter- muscular
Sc or Sq subcutaneous
sialoadenitis inflamation of the salivary glands
pancreatitis inflamation of the pancreas
kinesalgia pain from muscle movement
myomalacia softening of the muscle
R.I.C.E rest, ice, compression, elevation
N.G.T nasal gastric tube
gastrocolitis inflamation of the stomach and colon
stenosis narrowing
D.M diabetes mellitus
asthenia weakness
malacia softening
ectomy surgical removal of
tomy incision into
myogenisis formation of muscle cells
pexy surgical fixation of
itis inflamation
G.B.S gall bladder x-ray series
cele hernia or pertrusion
Created by: mcasebolt