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Facilitated diffusion movement of materials across the plasma membrane in the direction of the concentration gradient from higher to lower consentration
6 risk factors for cancer= heredity,chemicals,ionizing radiation,physical irriatation,diet,viruses heredity,chemicals,ionizing radiation,physical irriatation,diet,viruses
2 manufactured solutions of isotonic body fluids=0.9% salt(normal saline), 5% dextrose (glucose) 0.9% salt(normal saline), 5% dextrose (glucose)
what 2 things does active transport require=enery and proteins in the cell membrain that act as transporters enery and proteins in the cell membrain that act as transporters
phagocytosis large particles are moved into the cell
pinocytosis=engulf droplets of fluid engulfs droplets of fluid
cellia= small hair like projections that wave and create movement of fluids around the cells
flagella long whiplike projection from the cell that propells the cell, found only in sperm cells
units that the nucleotide is composed of sugar,phosphate,nitrogen
interphase stage in the life of a cell between one mitosis and the next when a cell is not deviding
how is permeability of the plasma membrane best described selectiviely permeable
2 organelles involved in sorting and secreting proteins golgi apparatus,rough er
mutation change in agen or chromosome
cancer altered cells that do not die naturally or get destroyed by the immune system
diffusion the constant movement of particles from a region of relatively higher concentration to one of lower concentration
DNA make up the chromosomes divided into genes that carry the nucleotide for the manufacture of proteins
hypertonic cell will loose water, shrink, cell undergoes crenation
hypotonic cell takes in water, swells and may burst, cell undergoes hemolysis
function of a cytoplasm fills the cell from the nuclear membrane to the plasma membrane
function of carbohydrates in the plasma membrane they help reconize eachother and stick togather
prophase DNA condenses into visible chromosomes
metaphase chromosomes are aligned in the middle of the cell
anaphase chromosomes are being pulled apart
telophase a membrane appears around each group of seperated chromosomes, forming 2 new nuclei
messenger RNA is built on a strand of DNA in the nucleous and transcribes the nucleotide code.move the cytoplasm and attaches to the ribosome
ribosomal RNA with protein make up the ribosome.involved in the translating the genetic message into a protein
transfer RNA works with other forms of RNA to translate the genetic code into protein.Each molecule of RNA carries a amino acid that can be used to build a protein at the ribosome
channels porses in the membrane that allow specific substances to eneter or leave
transporters shuttle substances from one side of a membrane to another
receptors points of attachment for materials coming to the cellin blood or tissue fluid
enzymes partcipate in reactions occuring at the plasma membrain
linkers give structure to the membrane and help attach cells to other cells
cell identity markers proteins unique to individual cells
function of a plasma membrain and what its composed of plasma membrane encloses the cell contents and partcipate in cellular activities such as growth,reproduction,interaction between cells and regulate what can enter or leave. composed of phospholipids and cholesterol
nucleus control center,contains chromosomes that direct all cellular activity
nucleolus assembles ribosomes
endoplasmic reticulum(ER)rough rough er sorts proteins and forms them into more complex compounds
smoothe er is involved with lipid synthesis
mitochondria convert energy from nutrients into ATP
golgi apparatus makes compounds containg proteins, sorts and prepares these compounds for transport to other parts of the cells or out of the cell
lysosomes digest substances with in cells
centrioles helps seperate the chromosomes during cell division
peroxisomes break down harmful substances
what is a self contained tumor called benign
example of a self contained tumor wart
what is a tumor that grows and invade the body called malignant
3 examples of carcinoma skin,lung,breast cancer
2 examples of sarcoma osteosarcoma(bone cancer),rhabdomyosarcoma,(tumorin skeletal muscle
2 examples of leukemia/lymphoma hodgkins lymphoma(cance of the lymph nodes), granulocytic Luekemia (cancer in the white blood cells)
what characteristics of life does a cell show organization,metabolism,responsiveness,homostasis,growth,reproduction
3 types of microscopes compound light micro,most common,magnifys up to 1000 times--Transmission electron-up to million times--scanning 100,000 times only surface, 3 demensional
the main substance of a plasma membrane bilayer of phospholipids
3 types of material found in the plasma membrane cholesterol,proteins,carbohydrates
building blocks for nucleic acids nucleotides
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