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Ch 10 - Jackson

Age of Jackson. Chapter 10, The American Journey to WW1. O'Dell MTMS

Andrew Jackson Republican candidate for president in the 1824 election; elected president in 1828; favorite son from Tennessee (PAGE 447)
Black Hawk led Native American force of Sauk and Fox people back to Illinois (PAGE 455)
Daniel Webster Senator from Massachusetts who delivered a stinging attack on nullification; he defended the Constitution and the Union. (PAGE 450)
Henry Clay Warhawk, Republican candidate for president in the 1824 election; from Kentucky (PAGE 447)
John Quincy Adams Republican candidate for president in the 1824 election; from Massachusetts (PAGE 447)
Nicholas Biddle president of the Bank of the United States (PAGE 459)
Osceola Seminole chief who refused to leave Florida (PAGE 455)
Robert Hayne a young senator from South Carolina who defended the states had a right to nullify acts of the federal government and to secede (PAGE 450)
William Henry Harrison military hero; Whig; won presidential election of 1840; died of pneumonia one month into term (PAGE 461)
bureaucracy a system in which nonelected officials carry out laws and policies (PAGE 449)
depression a period of low economic activity and widespread unemployment (PAGE 460)
favorite son the candidate that receives the backing of his home state rather than of the national party (PAGE 447)
guerrilla tactics referring to surprise attacks or raids rather than organized warfare where armies fight directly (PAGE 455)
landslide an overwhelming victory (PAGE 448)
mudslinging an attempt to ruin an opponent's reputation with insults (PAGE 448)
relocate to force a person or group of people to move (PAGE 453)
secede to leave or withdraw from a country (PAGE 450)
spoils system handing out government jobs to supporters; replacing government employees with the winning candidate's supporters (PAGE 449)
veto to reject a bill and prevent it from becoming a law; the president refuses to sign the bill into law (PAGE 459)
Panic of 1837 time during the presidency of Martin Van Buren when land prices dropped quickly, investments lost their value, and banks failed. (PAGE 460)
nullify action of a state government to make a federal law not apply in their state (PAGE 450)
The Nullification Crisis difficult time when southern states refused to accept the federal Tariffs of 1828 and 1832. Things relaxed when a lower tariff was passed. (PAGE 451)
Trail of Tears the forced movement of the Cherokee tribe west to settlements in Oklahoma, resulting in the deaths of many. (PAGE 454)
Whig Party a new political party beginning in the presidential election of 1836 made up of National Republicans and other people opposed to the policies of Andrew Jackson (PAGES 460-461)
Democratic Party a new political party in the presidential election of 1824 after a split in the Democratic-Republican Party. (PAGE 447)
Created by: Mr. O'Dell