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Medical Terminology

Basic Medical Language (3rd Edition) LaFleur Brooks

lapar abdomen (abdominal cavity or abdominal wall)
pancreat pancreas
gingiv gums
chol gall; bile
salping uterine tube (fallopian tube)
orchid testis; testicle
oophor ovary
medi middle
cephal head (upward)
gynec woman
-gram record; radiographic image
-pexy surgical fixation; suspension
vertebr vertebra; spine
audi hearing
tympan middle ear
blephar eyelid
irid iris
scler sclera
retin retina
kerat cornea
ophthalm eye
rect rectum
-metry measurement
later side
proxim near (the point of attachment of a body part)
mamm breast
hyper- above; excessive
super above
-itis inflammation
xanth yellow
-meter instrument used to measure
acr extremities
-tomy incision into
sub below; under
troph development
anter front
ox oxygen
-osis abnormal condition
per- through
-ous pertaining to
dermat skin
epi- on; upon; over
enter intestines (usually the small intestine)
duoden duodenum
cutane skin
abdomin abdomen (abdominal cavity or abdominal wall)
-stomy artificial opening
proct rectum
angi (blood) vessel
erythr red
leuk white
myc fungus
melan black
derm skin
intra- within
a-; an- without; absence
-rrhea flow; discharge
myring eardrum (tympanic membrane)
-plegia paralysis
opt vision
ot ear
cyan blue
gastr stomach
ile ileum
esophag esophagus
col; colon colon (usually the large intestine)
-ac pertaining to
ven vein
-penia abnormal reduction in number
-sclerosis hardening
-graph instrument used to record
tachy- rapid; fast
brady- slow
phlep vein
lymph lymph
-megaly enlargement
hepat liver
phag swallowing; eating
sinus sinus
hypo- below; deficient; under
lingu tongue
jejun jejunum
append; appendic appendix
sigmoid sigmoid colon
vagin vagina
or mouth
gloss tongue
peps digestion
-algia pain
-oma tumor
hist tissue
-oid resembling
cyt cell
-logist specialist (physician) who studies and treats
-al pertaining to
carcin cancer
-a; -e; -y no meaning
-logy study of
stasis control; stop
viscer internal organs
meta- beyond
-genic producing; originating; causing
sarc flesh; connective tissue
plasm growth (substance or formation)
epitheli epithelium
neur nerve
my muscle
path disease
onc tumor
ventr belly (front)
dors back
-ad toward
caud tail (downward)
poster back; behind
infer below
dist away from the point of attachment of a body part)
-ic pertaining to
-ior pertaining to
-ia diseased state; condition of
pulmon lung
endo- within
-scopy visual examination
-pnea breathing
noct night
metr uterus
colp vagina
-ptosis prolapse or downward displacement; drooping
-cele hernia; protrusion
cervic cervix or neck
prostat prostate gland
aden gland
arteri artery
cardi heart
thromb (blood clot)
electr electrical activity
splen spleen
hemat blood
pyel renal pelvis
-iasis condition
-rrhaphy suture; repair
hem blood
-graphy process of recording; radiographic imaging
ren kidney
lith stone; calculus
-tripsy surgical crushing
ureter ureter
lip fat
urethr urethra
nephr kidney
olig scanty; few
-plasty surgical repair
-emia blood condition
cyst bladder; sac
ur; urin urination; urine; urinary tract
neo- new
chondr cartilage
cost rib
laryng larynx (voice box)
thorac chest; thorax
burs bursa
ili ilium
femor femur (upper leg bone)
crani cranium (skull)
scoli crooked; curved (spine)
lord bent forward (spine)
necr death
oste bone
pneum lung; air
-scopic pertaining to visual examination
-meter instrument used to measure
rhin nose
muc mucus
hemi- half
quadr four
poly- many; much
poli gray; gray matter
psych mind
thym thymus gland
-ism state of
thyroid thyroid gland
glyc glucose (sugar)
dips thirst
crin to secrete
adrenal adrenal gland
cerebr cerebrum; brain
cephal head
encephal brain
myel spinal cord
-rrhexis rupture
dys- difficult; painful; abnormal
-thorax chest; thorax
-eal pertaining to
-rrhagia rapid flow of blood
vas vessel; duct
men menstruation
pneumon lung; air
-scope instrument used for visual examination
trache trachea (windpipe)
mast breast
pharyng pharynx (throat)
-ectomy surgical removal; excision
hyster uterus
nas nose
mening meninges
pleg paralysis
phas speech
-desis surgical fusion (to immobilize)
-schisis split; fissure
kinesi movement; motion
rachi vertebra; spine; vertebral column
scrot scrotum
-ary pertaining to
-centesis surgical puncture to remove fluid
bronch bronchus (s); bronchi (pl)
py pus
arthr joint
-malacia softening
kyph hump (spine)
inter- between
stern sternum (breast bone)
carp carpus (wrist)
ischi ischium
spondyl vertebra; spine ; vertebral column
-asthenia weakness
pub pubis
phalang phalanx (any bone of the fingers or toes)
ten tendon
tendin tendon
capn carbon dioxide
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