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ITM anatomy

muscles final exam

iliopsoas 2 muscles iliacus & psoas
brachial plexus passes between 2 muscles anterior & medial scalenes
O-occipital protuberance,spinous processes C7-T12 I-clavicle, acromion,spine of scapula trapezius
I-pisiform, hamate, 5th metacarpal flexor carpi ulnaris
rotator cuff muscle A-lateral rotation, extension of humerus teres minor
rotation of head to left side right SCM & spenius capitis
abducts humerus to 90 degrees lateral middle deltoid
O-ribs 3,4,5 I-coracoid process pectoralis major
I-palmer aponeurosis A-flexes wrist palmaris longus
O-inferior angle of scapula I-bicipital groove of humerus teres major
rotate head unilaterally to topposide SCM
strongest elbow flexor brachialis
not infrahyoid geniohyoid
I-5th metacarpal A-adducts wrist extensor carpi ulnaris
I- base of 3rd metacarpal A-extends wrist extensor carpi radialis brevis
O-lateral epicondyle I-bet ant & post oblique lines supinator
flexes hip, adducts hip pectineus, adductor magnus, longus, brevis
I-base of 2nd & 3rd metacarpal A-abducts wrist flexor carpi radialis
diaphragm contracts during inspiration
diaphragm relaxes during expiration
O-T12-L5 I-lesser trochanter iliopsoas
holds cheek in to chew food buccinator
O-ant sacrum, ischium, obt. foramen I-greater trochanter lateral rotators
sciatic nerve goes thru piriformis
shape of xmas tree rhomboids
6 lateral rotators-PGOGOQ piriformis, gemellus superior & inferior, obturator internus & externus, quadratus femoris
3 muscles flex elbow brachialradialis, brachialis, pronator teres
supinator action supination of forearm
longest muscle in body sartorius
latin for tailor sartorius
forms anterior wall of axilla A-med. rotation, horiz adduction pectoralis major
abduction & medial rotation of hip gluteus medius & minimus
lateral rotation & extension of hip gluteus maximus
O-upper axillary border I-greater tubercle of humerus teres minor
strongest hip flexor gluteus maximus
O-ant.pubis I-bet lesser trochanter & linea aspera pectineus
quadricep crosses hip & knee rectus femoris
most superficial & medial adductor gracilis
O-sternum & clavicle I-mastoid SCM sternocleidomastoid
key that unlocks knee popliteus
I-ITB, braces knee while walking tensor fasciae latae
O-post fibula, interosseous membrane A-inversion of foot, plantarflexion tibialis posterior
O-infraspinatus fossa infraspinatus
O-lower 2/3 lateral shaft of fibula I-5th metatarsal peroneus (fibularis) brevis
O-transverse proc C1-T2 A-elevates scapula levator scapula
O-zygomatic arch I-mandible masseter
causes foot drop if paralyzed anterior tibialis
hiphiker QL quadratus lumborum
standing on 1 foot, stabilizes pelvis gluteus medius
fibers run obliquely upward, medialward A-rotation to same side internal oblique
lower extremity (blank)
upper extremity (blank)
trunk muscles
Created by: mjjjmom