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Muscles - Pelvis

Muscles of the Pelvis and Pectoral Girdle

male bulbospongiosus origin: base of penis; fibers cross over urethra
male bulbospongiosus insertion: midline and central tendon of perineum
male bulbospongiosus action: compresses base and stiffens penis; ejects urine or semen
female bulbospongiosus origin: base of clitoris; fibers run on either side of urethral and vaginal openings
female bulbospongiosus insertion: central tendon of perineum
female bulbospongiosus action: compresses and stiffens clitoris; narrows vaginal opening
ischiocavernosus origin: inferior medial surface of ischium
ischiocavernosus insertion: central tendon of perineum
ischiocavernosus action: compresses and stiffens penis or clitoris
external urethral sphincter origin: inferior medial surfaces of ischium and pubis
male external urethral sphincter insertion: midline at base of penis; inner fibers encircle urethra
male external urethral sphincter action: closes urethra, compresses prostate and bulbourethral glands
female external urethral sphincter insertion: midline; inner fibers encircle urethra
female external urethral sphincter action: closes urethra, compresses vagina and greater vestibular glands
external anal sphincter origin: by tendon from coccyx
external anal sphincter insertion: encircles anal opening
external anal sphincter action: closes anal opening
levator ani origin: ischial spine, pubis
levator ani insertion: coccyx
levator ani action: tenses floor of pelvis, supports pelvic organs, flexes coccyx, elevates and retracts anus
levator scapulae origin: transverse processes of first 4 cervical vertebrae
levator scapulae insertion: vertebral border of scapula
levator scapulae action: elevates scapula
pectoralis minor origin: anterior surfaces of ribs 3-5
pectoralis minor insertion: coracoid process of scapula
pectoralis minor action: depresses and abducts shoulder; rotates scapula laterally; elevates ribs if scapula is stationary
rhomboid muscles origin: spinous processes of lower cervical and upper thoracic vertebrae
rhomboid muscles insertion: vertebral border of scapula
rhomboid muscles action: adducts and rotates scapula laterally
serratus anterior origin: anterior and superior margins of ribs 1-9
serratus anterior insertion: anterior surface of vertebral border of scapula
serratus anterior action: protracts shoulder, abducts and medially rotates scapula
trapezius origin: occipital bone and spinous processes of thoracic vertebrae
trapezius insertion: clavicle and scapula
trapezius action: depends on active region and state of other muscles; may elevate, adduct, depress, or rotate scapula, and/or elevate clavicle; can also extend or hyperextend neck
Created by: lizzy.spangler