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TMDG: Vocab ii

solicitous *adjective concerned, caring, attentive or interested
grotesque *adjective repulsive ugly or disturbing
channel *noun an area of water connecting two bodies of water
elude *verb skilfull escape, evade
invariable *adverb always, in every case
placid *adjective still, calm or not easily disturbed
imperative *adjective of vital performance
baying *verb barking or howling loudly
braggart *noun a person that boast about achievements or possession
repast *noun a meal, feast, or banquet
opiate *noun a drug used to relieve pain and induce calm
ennui *noun boredom, tedium, listlessness
futile *adjective useless, pointless
intricate *adjective very complicated or detailed
precariously *adverb with uncertainty, instability
Alex was __________ when she saw the old lady fall, she helped her up. solicitous
Jack looked at the moldy cheese and thought it was ______, because it looked disgusting grotesque
The sailors had to pass through a ________ before entering a new body of water channel
Jade had to plan an __________ to get off the island, without anyone finding her. elude
My mom was ________ right, she would win every arguement invariable
The _______ slept peacefully through the night with the loud thunder storm placid
The young girl was sent an ______ movie, that can change her life. imperative
The dogs _______ kept the owner from sleeping. baying
Theresa __________ to everyone when she won first place in the talent show. braggart
On Thanksgiving every year, my family has a _________, with lots of food repast
Ethan wanted _______ to heal his foot that he broke. opiate
In gym, before Rebecca could get to the game, she waited in ______, when the teacher was going over the rules ennui
When Miley was talking to Olivia, she wanted to fall asleep in bordem listening to the ___________ conversation futile
The 7th grader was teaching their younger sibling how to find inequalities. The younger saw the math problem as ________. intricate
With all of the activities Brooke was doing, she had an _________ schedule precariously
Created by: sofiap
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