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Nervous System

Feeling no pain, or being hypersensitive to pain, can be caused by problems with sodium channels
Swollen lysosomes and a missing enzyme are the cause of which disease? Tay-Sachs
Statins are drugs used to lower levels of cholesterol
"Long QT Syndrome" affects what body part? heart
Cancers that extend into surrounding tissues are labeled malignant
Cancers are distinguished by all of the following EXCEPT size
Totipotent stem cells, by definition, can differentiate into all cell types
Stem cells can be harvested from all of the following EXCEPT nerve tissue
What tissue type forms the lining of body cavities and hollow organs? epithelial
The most abundant tissue by weight is ___ tissue connective
The most abundant type of cartilage is ___ cartilage hyaline
Our skin is classified as ___ epithelium stratified squamous
Which of the following is NOT one of the functions of connective tissue? forming glands
Which of the four tissues generally lacks blood vessels? epithelial
Elastic cartilage is found in your ears
Carcinomas originate in the epithelium
An example of exocrine glands are your oil glands
Macrophages are produced by ___ tissue connective
Tendons join ___ to ___ muscle, bone
The major structural protein of the body is collagen
The only connective tissue membranes in the body are ___ membranes synovial
Cutaneous membranes are found in our skin
Friction between organs is eliminated by ___ membranes serous
Which muscle types are involuntary? smooth and cardiac
No nerve stimulation is necessary for contraction of ___ muscle cardiac
What is the medical term for when a cancer reaches the circulation and spreads to other parts of the body? Metastasis
Uncontrolled cell growth forms a disorganized, abnormal mass called a tumor
Name two common sources for stem cells bone marrow, embryo
Where is fibrocartilage located in the body? vertebrae
Fat is often referred to as _____ tissue adipose
Of the four major tissue types, what type is blood classified as? connective
Name three places in your body where smooth muscle tissue is found bladder, intestines, blood vessels
Name three parts of your body formed by nervous tissue brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves
What three types of cells do not divide after differentiating? skeletal muscle, cardiac muscle, nerve cells
Name the four dissection instruments used in the "chicken leg" dissection forceps, scalpel, scissors, probe
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