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CVTECH Basic Anatomy Link 5

Muscle containing striated cells that have one nucleus per cell and branching interconnections Cardiac
Involuntary muscle producing wavelike motions Smooth
Heavily striated muscle when viewed under the microscope Skeletal
These muscles make up 40% of total body weight Skeletal
Triangular-shaped muscle that covers shoulder joint and forms upper arm Deltoid
Muscle of the anterior thigh Rectus Femoris
Round muscle around lips Orbicularis oris
Stretches from sternum up the neck to behind the ear Sternocleidomastoid
Muscle on the anterior lower leg that dorsiflexes the foot Tibialis anterior
Muscle of the calf of the leg gastrocnemius
Muscles of the posterior thigh Hamstring group
Wide muscle of the back and lateral trunk Latissumus dorsi
Triangular muscle covering the posterior neck and shoulder Trapezius
The muscular disorder that is caused by overuse or overstretching resulting in pain, stiffness, and swelling strain
Disease caused by a defect in transmission at the neuromuscular junction characterized by chronic muscle fatigue with the slightest exertion Myasthenia gravis
Inflammation of fluid-filled sacs found in certain joints bursitis
Inflammation of tendons and their attachments due to overexertion Tendinitis
Possible autoimmune disorder causing widespread muscle aches, tenderness, and stiffness with fatigue and sleep difficulties Fibromyalgia syndrome
Group of disorders in which muscles deteriorate but still have intact nerve function Muscular dystrophy
A sudden, involuntary, painful muscle contraction spasm
When ligaments are torn around a joint, accompanied by pain and swelling sprain
Acute or chronic inflammation of connective tissue with muscle pain Fibromyositis
Posterior muscle of the upper arm Triceps brachii
Lateral muscle of the lower leg Peroneus longus
Muscle on the lateral side of the thigh Vastus lateralis
Chest muscles Pectoralis major
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