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Means rebirth, was a time of creativity and change in many areas, political, social, economical, and cultural. renaissance
An artistic technique used to give drawings and painting a 3 dimensional effect. perspective
A pardon from sins committed. indulgence
To cancel a marriage. annul
System in the middle ages of powerful lords dividing their estate to lesser lords who pledged their loyalty. The lesser lords had manors with peasants, or serfs, who were bound to the land. feudalism
Bubonic plague that wiped out ⅓ of the European population black death
Luther’s list of arguments against indulgences in the Roman Catholic Church Luther's 95 thesis
1555 allowed each Garman prince to decide which religion, Catholic or Lutheran, would be practiced in their lands Peace of Augsburg
middle ages medieval period
Present day France, Belgium, and Netherlands Flanders
to give up one's views recant
group in the Catholic Church inquisition
Family in Florence who organized the banking business Medici family
Kings, Queens, and Princes secular rulers
kicked out of the Catholic church excommunicated
separate quarters of the city ghetto
Intellectual movement during the renaissance that focused on worldly subjects rather than religious issues humanism
force that controls the movement of planets gravity
rejected infant baptism, believed is separation of church and state, and included Baptists, Quakers, and Amish anabaptists
sun-centered universe heliocentric
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