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1910 Mexican Rev

Everything you'll ever need to know about mexico

Francisco "Pancho" Villa Revolutionary general and hero; led the División del Norte in Chihuahua
Porfirio Díaz President of Mexico who served seven terms, a total of three and a half decades from 1876 to 1911
Porfiriato 35 years of internal stability in Mexico, during the rule of dictator Porfirio Diaz
Francisco I. Madero The president of Mexico after 1911; Drafted the Plan de San Luis Potosí. Assassinated in 1913 after becoming unpopular
Plan de San Luis Potosí Document that ushered in the Mexican revolution and the collapse of the Presidency of Porfirio Díaz.
Agrarista supporter or a proponent of land reform in Mexico
Burritos A traditional dish from the Mexican state of Chihuahua created during the time of the Mexican Revolution as an easy way to eat while “on-the-run.”
Emiliano Zapata Main leader of the peasant revolution in the state of Morelos, and the inspiration of the agrarian movement called Zapatismo.
Victoriano Huerta Assumed power after assassinating Madero. Ruled from February 1913 to July of 1914. Exiled and died in a Texas prison
Venustiano Carranza Ousted Victoriano Huerta, consolidated power and became president from 1917 to 1920
Convention of Aguascalientes Signaled another round of civil war: this time between revolution leaders. Carranza defeats Pancho Villa and Zapata resulting in his presidency
The Punitive Expedition After Pancho Villa attacked Columbus, New Mexico, the U.S. sent troops under John J Pershing in a nine month long unsuccessful campaign to bring him to justice
La Cucaracha an old song that was rephrased to celebrate the exploits of Pancho Villa's army and poke fun at his nemesis Venustiano Carranza.
Corrido Mexican folk singer or songs. Used to spread news and information to the illiterate population of Mexico
Created by: nsinopoli
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