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description a writing or oral telling of what something is like
indescribable something that cannot be described
inscribe to write on something in a permanent way
manuscript a handwritten documnet
prescribe to order a remedy or treatment
scripture any religious writing
subscribe to sign your name as an agreement to pay for a service
subscription the result of subscribing
anagram a word formed by changing the order of another word
grammar the study of words and rules that apply to them in a written or spoken language
programmer someone who write instructions for software
telegram a written letter sent by wire and delivered by hand
clause a part of a sentence
figurative using ordinary words to form new meanings
foreshadow when an author gives the reader a hint about what happens next
indefinite something that has no precise limit
possessive showing possession or the desire to posses
salution greeting people with " I hope you are well "
sequential one follows after another
subordinate something that is lower in importance in relative to another thing
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