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Ch. 10 Sec. 1

Jacksonian Democracy

nominating conventions party members choose the party's candidates instead of the party leaders
jacksonian democracy the period of expanding democracy in the 1820s and 1830s
democratic party Jackson's supporters
John C. Calhoun Jackson's vice president
cabinet presidential advisors
inauguration a formal ceremony to place someone in office
spoils system the practice of giving government jobs to political backers
Martin Van Buren Jackson's strongest ally and Secretary of State
Kitchen Cabinet an informal group of trusted advisers who sometimes met in the White House Kitchen
Andrew Jackson 7th president of the United States
Tariff of Abominations Congress placed a high tariff on imports
states' rights doctrine stated power should be greater than federal power
nullification crisis Conflict between the supporters and the opponents of nullification
Daniel Webster argued that the US was one nation, not a pact among independent states and the welfare of the nation should override that of individual states.
McCulloch vs. Maryland a court ruling that stated the national bank was constitutional.
Whig Party favored the idea of a weak president and a strong Congress.
Panic of 1837 a severe economic depression
William Henry Harrison an army general, a candidate the Whigs stood behind and won the presidency.
Indian Removal Act authorized the removal of Native Americans who lived east of the Mississippi River to lands in the West
Indian Territory U.S. land in what is now Oklahoma; Congress planned to move Native Americans there.
Bureau of Indian Affairs an new government agency to manage Indian removal to western lands
Sequoya a Cherokee who created a writing system with 86 characters to represent syllables for their own language
Worcester v. GEorgia the Court ruled that the Cherokee nation was a distinct community in which the laws of Georgia had no force.
Tail of Tears the Cherokee's 800-mile forced march
Black Hawk a leader of Fox and Suk Indian who led his people in a struggle to protect their lands in Illinois.
Osceola leader of the Seminole who called upon his people to resist signing a removal treaty, therefore beginning the Second Seminole War.
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