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Exam #2 vocab


hydr-, hydro- water
hyper- excess
hypno- sleep
hypo- below, deficient
hyster-, hystero- uterus or womb
ile- intestine
im- not
inter- between
intercal- insert
intra- within, inside
iso- equal, same
jugul- throat
juxta- near, close
karyo- kernel, nucleus
kera- horn
kilo- thousand
kin-, kines- move
labi-, labri- lip
lact- milk
lacun- space, cavity, lake
lamell- small plate
lamina layer, sheet
lat- wide
laten- hidden
later- side
leuko- white
leva- raise, elevate
lingua- tongue
lip-, lipo- fat, lipid
lith- stone
luci- clear
lumen light
lut- yellow
lymph water
macro- large
macula spot
magn- large
mal- bad
mamm- breast
mast- breast
mater mother
meat- passage
medi- middle
medull- marrow
mega- large
meio- less
melan- black
men-, menstru- month
meningo- membrane
mer-, mero- a part
meso- middle
meta- beyond, between, transition
metro- uterus
micro- small
mictur- urinate
mito- thread, filament
mnem- memory
mono- single
morpho- form
multi- many
mur- wall
muta- change
myelo- spinal cord, marrow
myo- muscle
nano- dwarf
narco- numbness
natri- sodium
necro- death
neo- new
nephro- kidney
neuro- nerve
noci- harmful
nom- name
noto- back
nucle- pit, kernel, little nut
nutri- feed, nourish
ob- before, against
oculo- eye
odonto- teeth
olfact- smell
oligo- few
onco- a mass
oo- egg
ophthalmo- eye
orb- circular
orchi- testis
org- living
ortho- straight, direct
osm- smell
osmo- pushing
osteo- bone
oto- ear
ov-, ovi- egg
oxy- oxygen
pan- all, univeral
papill- nipple
para- beside, near
pect-, pectus breast
pelv- a basin
peni- a tail
penna- feather
pent- five
pep-, peps-, pept- digest
per-, permea- through
peri- around
phago- eat
Created by: elisez24