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Stack #21021

co, con together
ob against
peri around
penia deficiency
path disease
cysto bladder
pons bridges
oto ear
viscero body organs
meningo membranes,spinalcord
pseudo false
scopy exam
dys difficult
metr uterus
ecto outside
dia through
endo within
de down, away from
ab away from
ad toward
osis condition
iasis condition of
uretero ureter
urethro urethra
entero intestine
uric pertaining to urine
spondyl vertebra
pachy thick
psora itch
laparo abdomen
aa of each
a.c. before meals
ADL activity of daily living
ad lib as desired
AROM active range of motion
c celsius
CBR complete bed rest
CNS central nervous system
DC discontinue
HOH hard of hearing
HS hour of sleep
Lt. left
NIV nausea&vomiting
OOB out of bed
p.c. after meals
PROM passive range of motion
qd every day
qod every other day
QNS quanity not sufficient
QS quanity sufficient
Created by: scorpioangel