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Egypt Test

However, some, like Hatshepsut, had a difficult time giving up the throne, for they wanted ______________________, or complete control over the people. absolute power
The _______, or life after death, was believed to be even better than the present life. afterlife
The pharaoh appointed _________, or government rulers, to carry out his orders. bureaucrats
There, steep cliffs and large boulders form dangerous, fast moving waters called ________. cataracts
These waterways form a fan-shaped area of fertile marshland caled a _______. delta
The right to rule was passed from father to son to grandson, such a line of rulers from one family is called a _________. dynasty
Egyptians believed they could protect bodies for the afterlife, the ________ prepared the body for the afterlife. embalmer
The combination of pictures and sound symbols created a complex writing system called _________. hieroglyphs
The process of removing the body's organs, covering the body with natron, and wrapping it in strips of linen was called __________. mummification
The wrapped body of the dead was called a ______, they were sealed ina coffin and placed in a decorated tomb. mummy
_____ was home to some of the earliest African kingdoms and was a passageway for trade. Nubia
Egyptians gathered _______, a reed plant that grew wild along the Nile to create rope, sandals, baskets, and river rafts. papyrus
An Egyptian ruler is called a _________, which means "great house". pharaoh
The Egyptians honored their pharaohs in a special way; they built great tombs called ________. pyramid
A _____ would rule for a child until the child was old enough to rule. regent
The ______________ was a discovered by Jean Francis Champollion and had three types of writing on it: Hieroglyphics, Demotic (everyday Egyptian language), and Greek. Rosetta Stone
A__________ is a stone coffin, typically adorned with a sculpture or inscription and associated with the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Rome, and Greece. sarcophagus
_________, part of the third level of the pyramid, were some of the only people in Egypt who could read and write. scribes
Egyptian farmers created new tools to make work easier; farmers created a _______, which is a bucket attached to a long pole that lifts water from the Mile and emptiers it into basins. shadoof
______ made soil fertile enough to farm. silt
A government in which the same person is both the political leader and the religious leader is called a ________. theocracy
The ______ was the pharaoh’s second-in-command and sometimes served as High Priest vizier
The cardinal direction the Nile River flows. From south to north.
Money was spent on public works during the _________________ Kingdom. Middle Kingdom
During the ___________ kingdom they expanded Egypt's armies. New Kingdom
The ____________ Kingdom ended when the government became weak and divided. Old Kingdom
Created by: kyankowski