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Medical Terminology

Medical Terms Part II

-lepsy seizure
-ose full of
comat/o- unconsciousness
concuss/o- violent shaking or jarring
crani/o- cranium; skull
disk/o- disk
encephal/o- brain
ependym/o- cellular lining
epilept/o- seizure
gli/o- cells that provide support
hydr/o- water; fluid
mening/o- meninges
ment/o- mind; chin
narc/o- stupor; sleep
radicul/o- spinal nerve root
rhiz/o- spinal nerve root
syncop/o- fainting
astr/o- star-like structure
caus/o- burning
encephala/o- brain
phot/o- light
phob/o- fear; avoidance
surg/o- operative procedure
vascul/o- blood vessel
-pexy process of surgically fixing in place
-ptosis state of prolapse; drooping; falling
-tripsy process of crushing
cali/o- calyx
catheter/o- catheter
cyst/o- bladder; fluid-filled sac
nephr/o- kidney; nephron
pyel/o- renal pelvis
urethr/o- urethra
urin/o- urine; urinary system
ur/o- urine; urinary system
blast/o- immature; embryonic
genit/o- genitalia
gen/o- arising from
glycos/o- glucose; sugar
keton/o- ketones
noct/o- night
olig/o- scanty; few
tom/o- cut; slice; layer
tox/o- poison
vagin/o- vagina
vesic/o- bladder; fluid-filled sac
circum- around
post- after; behind
ultra- beyond; higher
-gen that which produces
andr/o- male
balan/o- glans penis
malign/o- intentionally causing harm; cancer
motil/o- movement
orchi/o- testis
orch/o- testis
phim/o- closed tight
priap/o- persistent erection
prostat/o- prostate gland
resect/o- to cut out; remove
semin/o- spermatozoon; sperm
veric/o- varix; varicose veins
venere/o- sexual intercourse
crypt/o- hidden
gynec/o- female; woman
mast/o- breast; mastoid process
-form having the form of
-gravida pregnancy
-pause cessation
-probe rod-like instrument
-rrhea flow; discharge
-salpinx uterine tube
abort/o- stop prematurely
amni/o- amnion
colp/o- vagina
con/o- cone
cry/o- cold
culd/o- cul-de-sac
ectop/o- outside of a place
episi/o- vulva
galact/o- milk
hydatidi/o- fluid-filled vesicles
hyster/o- uterus; womb
leuk/o- white
men/o- month
nuch/o- neck
oophor/o- ovary
prim/I- first
salping/o- uterine tube
lei/o- smooth
mult/I- many
par/o- birth
acid/o- acid; low pH
chrom/o- color
nodul/o- small, knobby mass
phe/o- gray
acr/o- extremity; highest point
adrenal/o- adrenal gland
diabet/o- diabetes
gigant/o- giant
hirsut/o- hairy
hypophys/o- pituitary gland
myx/o- mucus-like substance
thym/o- thymus; rage
viril/o- masculine
blephar/o- eyelid
conjunctiv/o- conjunctiva
converg/o- coming together
enucle/o- to remove the main part
fundu/o- fundus; part farthest from the opening
ir/o- iris
kerat/o- cornea
presby/o- old age
retin/o- retina
ton/o- pressure; tone
trabecul/o- trabecular; mesh
retro- behind; backward
anis/o- unequal
cor/o- pupil
cycl/o- ciliary body
dacry/o- tears
dipl/o- double
emulsific/o- particles suspended in a liquid
es/o- inward
metr/o- measurement
ophthalm/o- eye
op/o- vision
opt/o- eye; vision
phac/o- lens
trop/o- having an affinity for; stimulating; turning
-phyma tumor; growth
acous/o- hearing; sound
allerg/o- allergy
audi/o- the sense of hearing
cheil/o- lips
gloss/o- tongue
labyrinth/o- labyrinth of the inner ear
myring/o- tympanic membrane; eardrum
ot/o- ear
rhin/o- nose
sept/o- septum; diving wall
ser/o- serum like fluid
suppur/o- pus formation
tonsil/o- tonsil
mandibul/o- mandible; lower jaw
plak/o- plaque
sensor/I- sensory
tempor/o- temple; side of the head
-lalia abnormal condition of speech
addict/o- surrender to; be controlled by
affect/o- state of mind; mood
anxi/o- fear; worry
cognit/o- thinking
compuls/o- drive; compel
copr/o- feces; stool
delus/o- false belief
factiti/o- artificial; made up
hallucin/o- imagined perception
hypn/o- sleep
klept/o- to steal
obsess/o- besieged by thoughts
psych/o- mind
pyr/o- fire
rap/o- to seize and drag away
soci/o- human beings; community
stress/o- disturbing stimulus
therapeut/o- therapy; treatment
agor/a- open area or space
arachn/o- spider
cid/o- killing
claustr/o- enclosed space
hom/I- man
klept/o- to steal
ophidi/o- snake
phren/o- diaphragm; mind
schiz/o- split
su/I- self
thanat/o- death
till/o- to pull out
trich/o- hair
xen/o- foreign
dissect/o- to cut apart
axi/o- axis
dos/I- dose
fluor/o- fluorescence
iodin/o- iodine
scint/I- point of light
son/o- sound
trac/o- visible path
cin/e- movement
pharmaceutic/o- medicine; drug
techn/o- technical skill
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