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Medical Terminology

Medical Terms Part I

-ac pertaining to
-al pertaining to
-ar pertaining to
-ary pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
-ine pertaining to
-ive pertaining to
-ous pertaining to
-ation a process; being or having
-ion action; condition
-ia condition; state; thing
-ism process; disease from a specific cause
-itis inflammation of; infection of
-megaly enlargement
-oma tumor; mass
-osis condition; abnormal condition; process
-pathy disease
-ectomy surgical removal
-gram a record or picture
-graphy process of recording
-metry process of measuring
-scope instrument used to examine
-stomy surgically created opening
-therapy treatment
-tomy process of cutting or making an incision
-iatry medical treatment
-ics knowledge; practice
-ist one who specializes in
-logy the study of
endo- innermost; within
epi- upon; above
inter- between
intra- within
peri- around
post- after; behind
pre- before; in front of
sub- below; underneath
trans- across; through
bi- two
brady- slow
hemi- one half
hyper- above; more than normal
hypo- below; deficient
poly- many; much
quadri- four
tachy- fast
tri- three
a- away from; without
an- without; not
anti- against
de- reversal of; without
dys- painful; difficult; abnormal
eu- normal; good
mal- bad; inadequate
re- again and again
abdomin/o- abdomen
append/o- appendix
arteri/o- artery
arthr/o- joint
bi/o- living organisms
card/I- heart
cardi/o- heart
cholecyst/o- gallbladder
col/o- colon
colon/o- colon
communicat/o- impart; transmit
cost/o- rib
cutane/o- skin
derm/o- skin
dietet/o- foods; diet
digest/o- break down food; digest
enter/o- intestine
esthes/o- sensation; feeling
etym/o- word origin
gastr/o- stomach
gemin/o- set or group
hepat/o- liver
hyster/o- uterus (womb)
intestine/o- intestine
lapar/o- abdomen
laryng/o- larynx
later/o- side
mamm/o- breast
medic/o- physician; medicine
menstru/o- monthly discharge of blood
ment/o- mind
muscul/o- muscle
nas/o- nose
neur/o- nerve
nutrit/o- nourishment
pelv/o- pelvis
phag/o- eating; swallowing
pleg/o- paralysis
pneumon/o- lung; air
psych/o- mind
sperm/o- sperm
spir/o- breathe
tens/o- pressure; tension
therap/o- treatment
thyroid/o- thyroid gland
tonsil/o- tonsil
trache/o- trachea (windpipe)
urin/o- urine; urinary system
uter/o- uterus (womb)
vagin/o- vagina
ven/o- vein
dia- complete; completely through
anter/o- before; front part
auscult/o- listening
congenit/o- present at birth
intern/o- inside
micr/o- one millionth; small
ne/o- new
plast/o- growth; formation
super/o- above
symptomat/o- collection of symptoms
-cele hernia
-rrhaphy procedure of suturing
anastom/o- create an opening between two structures
cholangi/o- bile duct
cholecyst/o- gallbladder
cirrh/o- yellow
constip/o- compacted feces
diverticul/o- diverticulum
gloss/o- tongue
hemorrhoid/o- hemorrhoids
herni/o- hernia
lapar/o- abdomen
polyp/o- polyp
rect/o- rectum
sial/o- saliva; salivary gland
sigmoid/o- sigmoid colon
dys- painful; difficult; abnormal
im- not
trans- across; though
chez/o- to pass feces
choledoch/o- common bile duct
duoden/o- duodenum
eme/o- vomiting
esophag/o- esophagus
hemat/o- blood
lith/o- stone
log/o- word; the study of
rect/o- rectum
rub/o- red
scop/o- examine with an instrument
splen/o- spleen
bronch/o- bronchus
carbox/y- carbon dioxide
carcin/o- cancer
cocc/o- spherical bacterium
dilat/o- dilate; widen
glob/o- shaped like a globe; comprehensive
hem/o- blood
pneum/o- lung; air
pneumon/o- lung; air
pulmon/o- lung
thorac/o- thorax; chest
-ator person who produces or does; thing that produces
-centesis procedure to puncture
-ectasis condition of dilation
-isy condition of inflammation or infection
-pnea breathing
-ptysis abnormal condition of coughing up
-spasm sudden; involuntary muscle contraction
-stomy surgically created opening
anthrac/o- coal
asthma/o- asthma
cyan/o- blue
lob/o- lobe of an organ
orth/o- straight
ox/I- oxygen
pleur/o- pleura; lung membrane
py/o- pus
resuscit/o- revive; raise up again
steth/o- chest
ventil/o- movement of air
pan- all
anti- against
em- in
endo- innermost; within
ex- out; away from
-plasty process of reshaping by surgery
-tome instrument used to cut; area with distinct edges
aneurysm/o- aneurysm; dilation
angi/o- blood vessel; lymphatic vessel
ather/o- soft; fatty substance
claudicate/o- limping pain
fibril/o- muscle fiber; nerve fiber
infarct/o- area of dead tissue
necr/o- dead cells; tissue, or body
palpit/o- to throb
pat/o- to be open
phleb/o- vein
scler/o- hard
sten/o- narrowness; constriction
tele/o- distance
valvul/o- valve
ech/o- echo; sound wave
electr/o- electricity
idi/o- unknown; individual
ly/o- break down; destroy
man/o- thin; frenzy
sphygm/o- pulse
thromb/o- thrombus; blood clot
vers/o- to travel; to turn
-cyte cell
-edema swelling
-emia condition of the blood
-immune immune response
-ization process of making, creating or inserting
agglutin/o- clumping; sticking
attenu/o- weakened
aut/o- self
coagul/o- clotting
embol/o- embolus; occluding plug
morph/o- shape
myel/o- bone marrow; spinal cord; myelin
septic/o- infection
thym/o- thymus
vaccin/o- giving a vaccine
-ency condition of being
-penia condition of deficiency
-ure system; result of
ansi/o- unequal
cyt/o- cell
defici/o- lacking; inadequate
mon/o- one; single
norm/o- normal; usual
nucle/o- nucleus
phil/o- attraction to; fondness for
phor/o- to bear; to carry; range
poikil/o- irregular
punct/o- hole; perforation
-ate composed of; pertaining to
-graft tissue for implant or transplant
-oid resembling
-opsy process of viewing
-plasm growth; formed substance
abras/o- scape off
blephar/o- eyelid
contus/o- bruising
erythemat/o- redness
exud/o- oozing fluid
fulgur/o- spark of electricity
kel/o- tumor
lip/o- lipid; fat
melan/o- black
myc/o- fungus
onych/o- nail; fingernail or toenail
pedicul/o- lice
prurit/o- itching
rhytid/o- wrinkle
xer/o- dry
-olisthesis abnormal condition with slipping
amput/o- to cut off
bunion/o- bunion
chondr/o- cartilage
comminut/o- break into small pieces
densit/o- density
goni/o- angle
kyph/o- bent; humpbacked
lord/o- swayback
oste/o- bone
prosthet/o- artificial part
spondyl/o- vertebra
alg/o- pain
dextr/o- right
lev/o- left
malac/o- softening
ped/o- child
por/o- small openings; pores
sarc/o- connective tissue
scoli/o- curved; crooked
-clonus condition of rapid contracting and relaxing
-collis condition of the neck
athet/o- without position or place
burs/o- bursa
contract/o- pull together
fasci/o- fascia
ganglion/o- ganglion
inflammat/o- redness and warmth
my/o- muscle
myos/o- muscle
tendin/o- tendon
ten/o- tendon
tort/I- twisted position
pod/o- foot
radi/o- radius; forearm bone
rhabd/o- rod shaped
skelt/o- skeleton
synov/o- synovium membrane
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