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Three Worlds Meet

European Exploration

Vikings Explorers from northern Europe that sailed to North America over 1000 years ago.
merchant Someone who buys and sells goods to make money.
profit The money a business has left over after all expenses have been paid.
navigation The science of planning and controlling the direction of a ship.
exploration To travel in an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.
political Relating to the government.
technology The use of knowledge and tools to do things better and more quickly.
astrolabe A tool that measures the height of the sun or a star above the horizon.
exchange Trading of objects or ideas.
encounter An unexpected meeting between people.
The Columbian Exchange The exchange of plants, animals, diseases and ideas between the eastern and western hemispheres.
slavery A cruel system where people are bought and sold and made to work without pay.
Created by: MrsLaFayette