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FSHN 450-3 kids

Malnutrition cutoff <5th percentile
Overweight cutoff >65th percentile
Obese cutoff >90th percentile
4 nutrients of concern children iron, zinc, calcium, vitamin D
3 alternative growth assessments arm span, sitting height, knee height
spastic CP low activity and thus low energy requirements
athetosis CP high activity and thus high energy requirements
Down’s syndrome issues in infancy difficulty feeding, poor suck reflex
Down’s syndrome issues in childhood CHD/Osteoporosis risk, limited activity, constipation
LBW <2500g
VLBW <1500g
ELBW <1000g
Preterm infant <37 weeks
Patent ductus arteriosus vessel connecting aorta and pulmonary artery normally closes after birth; large holes may exist
4 nutrients low pre-term DHA, Ca, Phos, vit D
MNT jaundice ADEK, 125% energy
Retinopathy high dose of vitamin R not recommended (necrotizing enterocolitis)
necrotizing enterocolitis death of cells and inflammation of GI and colon
tube feed or pn VLBW tube feed, more absorption, stimulate GI (but start w/ PN and transition because necrotizing enterocolitis)
ELBW fluid 160-220 mL/kg
VLBW fluid 135-190 mL/kg
BM fortifier kcal/oz and protein/oz 28, 3
Meconium ileus meconium remains in SI (hallmark of CF)
What nutrient do CF patients lose? sodium (add Na to Gatorade)
Pancreas CF need replacement of enzymes
Lungs CF thick mucous
Created by: melaniebeale



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