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FSHN 450-3 wound

Decubitis ulcer pressure bearing sites that aren’t mobile (spine, heels)
Stress ulcer dehydration, poor circulation, sheer friction forces
Braden score risk for pressure ulcers (4= best) on 5 categories
Treatment of pressure ulcers debridement, antiseptics, baths, hyperbaric oxygen, skin grafts
Glutamine probably doesn’t help
What vitamin assists in collagen synthesis? vitamin C
HMB not that useful but it’s found in juven (normal constituent of muscle)
Mineral that may help with wound healing zinc (but may interfere w/ Cu metabolism)
Normocytic anemia from chronic or acute blood loss
Microcytic anemia late iron deficiency
Megaloblastic anemia folic acid or B12 deficiency
Pernicious anemia B12 deficiency due to lack of IF
Females anemia cutoffs HGB <12 g/dL; HCT <35-36%
Males anemia cutoffs HGB <13 g/dL; HCT <38-39%
MCV normal 75-98 (>98 macrocytic, <75 microcytic)
Hypersegmentation precedes macrocytic anemia
How else do iron deficiency RBCs look different? noticeably less red
Iron stores ___ with age increase, just can’t be mobilized
What one lab value is increased w/ iron deficiency? transferrin (saturation goes down)
What is the most sensitive measurement for iron deficiency? serum ferritin
What vitamin enhances iron absorption? vitamin C
What OTC medication can affect iron absorption? antacids b/c neutralize ascorbic acid acidity
Treatment of pernicious anemia nasal or intramuscular B12
3 types of pernicious anemia congenital, juvenile, adult onset
symptoms of pernicious anemia anorexia, ringing in ears, tingling, constipation/diarrhea
Created by: melaniebeale