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FSHN 450-3 HIV

HIV only attacks cells with ___ CD4 receptor (t-helper, macrophages. Dendritic cells)
Places with highest HIV in U.S. deep south, San Francisco, LA, NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Dallas
Kaposi’s Sarcoma heterosexual men only, GI tract and mucous membranes, purple lesions, diarrhea and malabsorption
Cryptosporidium protozoan, flattening of SI mucosa
Reverse transcriptase inhibitors when take it? not with food
Protease inhibitors when take it? take with meals to decease first pass liver metabolism (especially with fat)
What 2 herbs to avoid with ART? grapefruit juice and st. john’s wort b/c both increase cyp3a4 activity
Special nutrition assessment ART DXA or BI because skinfold would be inaccurate b/c of abnormal BF distribution
Supplements and HIV RDA amounts can help prevent HIV-> AIDS progression
C. jejuni raw meat, poultry, milk
Listeria monocytogenes unpasteurized milk and cheese
Vibrio contaminated water, shellfish
Cryptosporidium contaminated (well) water, unwashed F&V
Shigella raw milk, contaminated water
Decrease in weight may indicate increase in viral load
Created by: melaniebeale