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digestive system

Stack #208731

What is the Digestive tract? hollow tube extending fron the mouth to the
digestive systems include mouth,pharynx,esophagus,stomach,small intestine,larg intestine,rectum,and anus
accesory organs of the digestive system salivary glands,liver,gallbladder,and pancreas
what are the four functions of the digestive system ingestion,digestion,absorption,and elimination
mouth is the beginning of the digestive tract
hard and soft palates form the roof of the mouth
what is mastication chewing
What is a bolus is a ball like mass that is formed when chewing
The esophagus carries food to where? stomach
when the stomach mixes and mashes the food what is formed? chyme
rugae allow the stomach to stretch
another name for the large intestine colon
function of the large intestine adsorption of water
What organ stores bile? gallbladder
What are the names of the salivary glands? submandibular, sublingual, parotid
waht is the flap that keeps you from enhaling food? epiglottis
Where is the pilorospincter located? at the base of the stomach between it and the small intestine
What are protiens broken into? amino acids
What are in the villi that alows you to absorb nutrience? Capillaries
What are the main bacteria in the large intastine E. Colli and Normal flora
Where is the appendix located? on the cecum
What accessory organ secretes the most potent digestive enzymes? Pancrease
What does bile break down? fat
What is the name of the small finger-like projections in the intestine villi
Created by: AshlynBrady