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What are the top 4 cancers w/ estimated new cases for males? prostate, lung/bronchus, colon/rectum, urinary bladder
What are the top 4 cancers w/ estimated new cases for females? breast, lung/bronchus, colon/rectum, uterine
What are the top 4 cancers w/ deaths for males? lung/bronchus, prostate, colon/rectum, pancreas
What are the top 4 cancers w/ deaths for females? lung/bronchus, breast, colon/rectum, pancreas
risk factors for bronchogenic CA tobacco, asbestos, radiation exposure
risk factors for esophageal/head/neck CA tobacoo, alcohol
risk factors for breast CA 1st degree relative w/ breast CA, prior hx of breast CA, nullipartiy, early menarche, late menopause
risk factos for cerivcal carcinoma multiparity, HPV infxn, early sexual intercourse and multiple partners
risk factos for colon CA high fat/low fiber diet, personal hx of colonic adenimatous polyps or resected colon CA, IBD
Risk factors for Skin CA UV light exposure, sunlight
At what age are yealy mammograms recommended? 40
When should cervical cancer screening begin? 3 yrs after a woman begins having vaginal intercourse but no later than 21 years of age; repeated annually; after 30 women w/ 3 normal tests in a row may get screened every 2-3 yrs if no other risk factors; may stop at 70 if 3 normal screenings
When should colorectal CA screening start? begining at age 50 a colonoscopy every 10 years
How often should the PSA and DRE be offered to men for prostate CA screening? annually for men over 50 w/ life expectanccy of at least 10 years; 45 if african-american or w/ family hx
Staging: T1 Tumor size: carcinoma in situ; smallest measurable tumor mass or confined to mucosa or submucosa
Staging: T2 Tumor size: larger tumor mass or extending directly to adjacent structures
Staging: T3 a very large tumor or further direct extension
Staging: T4 tumor of any size with profound local tissue invasion and marked direct extensionq
Staging: T5 extension beyond adjacent organs
Created by: mczarko