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トフル あかい 21

abduct to seize or detain a person unlawfully Child molesters often abducted children within 200 feet of their home.
accomodation a place where one can sleep such as a hotel or campground In Death Valley, we find the national park headquaters and overnight accomodations in this area.
accompany to be added to another for completion or to be with or goes with another Landslides, mud flows and debris avalanches frequently accompany other disasters such as floods
acquisition the act of successfully coming into possession of something The big company's newest acquisition is a small chain of clothing stores.
actualize to make real or to put into effect Several years passed before any profits from the enterprise actualized
adjacent sharing a common boundary When a customer attempts to book hotel accommodations on the Internet, it is sometimes hard to find two adjacent rooms at a discounted rate.
adverse bad or unfavorable; not good Many fear that budget cuts will have an adverse effect on education.
balmy not severe, temperate It is balmy in Paris and the birds and the bees are busy
banal without freshness or appeal due to overuse At a garage sale, what may seem as banal objects to one person may be valued by another.
baron a man of great power or influence in some field of activity a media baron who owns newspapers, television and radio stations, and even several cable networks
basin the region drained by a river system, an area sunk below its surroundings a basin of cold water
candor unreserved, honest, or sincere expression Her look of candor depicts a sense or realness to her characters, which is why she is a talented actress.
capability physical, mental, financial or legal power to perform That kind of job is beyond my capability. [=it is too difficult for me]
capacity maximum amount of work that can be produced or contained The nightclub has a 1,000-person capacity.
catastrophic a violent and sudden change in a feature of the earth The effect of the war on the economy was catastrophic.
captive person or animal that has been taken prisoner or confined The captive soldiers planned their escape.
cardiac of, near, or affecting the heart cardiac problems/disease/surgery
dazzling manner of arousing admiration by an impressive display the most dazzling display of color
dearth an inadequate supply The model offers no way to explain the moon's confounding dearth of iron
debris an accumulation of fragments of rock After the earthquake, rescuers began digging through the debris in search of survivors.
decay to become or cause to become rotten or unsound Tomatoes that fall off the vine will decay on the ground.
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