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Heart I

Stack #207856

The heart is a cone-shaped muscular organ located within the _______ of the thorax. Mediastinum
The hearts apex rests on what? Diaphragm
The superior margin of the heart lies at the level of which rib? second
Approximately two thirds of the heart mass is seen to the left of what? Midsternal
The loosely fitting outer layer of the heart is called what? Fibrous pericardium.
The middle layer of the heart wall is what? Parietal pericardium
The inner layer of the heart wall is called what? Visceral pericardium
The visceral pericardium is also called what? Epicardium
The function of the fluid that fills the pericardial sac is to decrease what during heart activity? Friction
What is the middle layer of the heart wall called? Myocardium
The myocardium is composed of what? Cardiac muscle
Connective tissue that ramify throughout the myocardium constuct the so-called _____ of the heart. Bundles
The membrane that lines the heart and also forms the valve flaps is what? endocardium
The heart has how many chambers? Four
Wich of the two are the recieving chambers? Atriums
Which two are the discharging chambers? Ventricles
Teeh-shaped bundles of smooth muscle, found only in the auricles, are called what? Pectinate muscles
Irregular ridges of the muscles in the ventricles are what? Trabeculate muscles
What prevents backflow into the ventricles when the heart is relaxed? ASV and PSV
What prevents backflow into the atria when the ventricles are contracting? Tricuspid and Bicuspid
What is an AV valve with three flaps? Tricuspid
What is an AV valve with two flaps? Bicuspid
What is the pacemaker of the purkinje system? SA node
What is the point in the purkinje system where the impulse is temporarily delayed? AV node
What condition results from prolonged coronary blockage? Myocardial infarction
What is an abnormal pacemaker? Ectopic focus
What allows backflow of blood? Incompetent valve
Because of cardiac decompenssation, circulation is inadequate to meet tissue needs is what? Congestive heart failure
What is a slow heartbeat, that is, below 60 beats per minute? Bradycardia
What is a condition in which the heart is uncoordinated and useless as a pump? Fibrillation
What is a rapid heartrate, that is, over 100 beats per minute? Tachycardia
Damage to the AV node, totally or partially releasing the ventricles from the control of the SA node. Heart block
What is a chest pain, resulting from ischemia of the myocardium? Angina pectoris
What is a result of initial failure of the left side of the heart? Pulmonary congestion
Created by: fadka5