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The principle U.S agency for providing essential human services is the Department of Health and Human Services
Any contact between a physician and a patient that ends in treatment or evaluation is called an encounter
The _____________ promotes cooperation among nations in their efforts to control and eliminate diseases worldwide World Health Organization
To utter articulate sounds or be distinct in speech is to enunciate
_______ is unfair treatment of a person because of race, gender, religious affiliation, or for any other reason Discrimination
Those actions that identify the medical assistant as a member of a healthcare profession, including dependability, respectful patient care, initiative, positive attitude, and teamwork Professional behaviors
The way an individual perceives and processes information to learn new material Learning style
Which statement best describes the main difference between the DO and the MD? The DO places more emphasis on the relationship of the musculoskeletal structure to the function of organs and tissues in the body
Which legislation most affects the quality of laboratory reports and results? CLIA Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act
The organization committed to research and delivery of needed drugs and medical supplies to various areas of the world is the WHO World Health Organization
Which of the following skills would NOT be an appropriate expectation of a competent medical assistant? Diagnosing common patient symptoms
The best way to earn a favorable evaluation on your externship is to show integrity and practice high ethical standards
The medical assistant should consider which of these factors when seeking employment? Pay Rate Perks Benefits
A person who is characterized by or conforms to the technical or ethical standards of a certain profession is considered to be Professional
Which of the following is considered confidential health information? The patients address the patients diagnosis the patients past medical history
A symptom of the fear of failure, which leads an individual to continually put off a task, is called Procrastination
Which of the following is NOT one of the stages of grief? Dealing
A lack of feeling, emotion, interest, or concern is a defense mechanism called Apathy
Personal space ranges from 1 1/2 to 4 feet
If the patient asks the medical assistant what he or she would do in a similar medical situation, the medical assistant should refer the patient to the physician for advice
A persons public space is 12 to 25 feet
A telephone call that is operator assisted or electronically assisted and includes several physicians at separate offices is a______ call Conference
Which of the following types of communication tools can be used to record verbal messages? Voice Mail
The mouthpiece of the telephone handset should be held 1 inch from the lips
Which of the following is NOT required when a telephone message is taken? The callers account number
The medical assistant may help an angry caller to calm down by speaking in a lower tone of voice
A tickler file is an effective organizational tool to help the medical assistant mail appointment reminders
If you work for a physician who is frequently called away from the office, it is a good practice to create a scheduling system that best accommodates these delays
When scheduling an inpatient admission, the medical assistant must make sure the patient understands which of the following? Date and time to report for the admission, What preadmission testing is necessary, Name, address, and phone number of the facility (all of the above)
The medical assistant must remember that the physician will have other types of appointments that will need special notation in the appointment book, such as Surgeries
An obstetrician who devotes two afternoons a week to seeing pregnant patients is using an appointment scheduling method called grouping procedures
Andi thinks she has a kidney stone and is in severe pain. She should be seen immediately
Paula thinks she may be pregnant and is overjoyed. she should be seen this week
Lynda had a hip replacement last week and needs to schedule a follow-up appointment. She should be seen this week
Callers who refuse to _______ themselves should not be put through to the physician identify
Patients often call the office to find out whether the physician is a _____ for their insurance program Provider
Answering services usually provide an _____ to answer the phone rather than a recording device. Operator
Call ______ allows the user to send calls to another designated number, such as a cell phone. Forwarding
The practice's ______ is developed in part from the physician's reasons for entering the medical field. Mission statement
Message books should be kept in the medical office at least until the ______ runs out. statute of limitations
STAT laboratory results are often _____ to the physician's office to provide a written copy of the information. Faxed
Physician may not return calls to patients who have _______ on their phones, because they do not want patients to have their private phone numbers Caller ID blocking
Patients who are returning to the office and have previously seen the physician are called ____ established patients
Responding to request for immediate care and treatment after evaluating the urgency of the need and prioritizing the treatment is called ________ screening
A space of time between events is called an _____ interval
A thing that is necessary to achieve an end or to carry out a function is called a _____ Prerequisite
An intentional, unlawful attempt of bodily injury to another by force assault
A willful and unlawful use of force or violence on the person of another battery
Loss or harm resulting from injury to person, property, or reputation; compensation in money imposed by law for losses or injury damages
A person required to answer in a legal action or suit; in criminal cases, the person accused of the crime defendant
A major crime, such as murder, rape, or burglary; punishable by a more stringent sentence than that given for a misdemeanor felony
Presumed consent, such as when a patient offers an arm for a phlebotomy procedure implied consent
A consent, usually written, which states understanding of what treatment is to be undertaken and of the risks involved, why it should be done, and alternative methods of treatment available (including no treatment) and their attendant risks informed consent
A binding custom or practice of a community; a rule of conduct or action prescribed or formally recognized as binding or enforceable by a controlling authority law
The person or group bringing a case or legal action to court plantiff
The finding or decision of a jury on a matter submitted to it in trial verdict
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