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Medical Law

Anything dealing with Medical Law

Statutory Law Constitutions in the 50 states identify the rights and responsibilities of their citizens and identify how their state is organized.
Common Law Developed by judges in England. These are laws created by presidence of rulings by judges.
Criminal Law Laws that protect the welfare and safty of society as a whole
Civil Law Laws affects relationships between individuals, corporations, governments bodies, and other organizations.
What is the Federal Age Discrimination Act? employers with 15 or more employees can not discriminate in matters of employment related to age, sex, race, creed, marital status, national origin, color, or disabilities.
What is an anatomical gift? Any person 18 years or older and of sound mind can make a gift of all or any of their body parts.
What are the seven titles that HIPPA is identified in? 1. Health Insurance Access, Portability, and Renewal 2. Preventing Health Care Fraud and Abuse 3. Tax-Related Provisions 4. Group Health Plan Requirements 5. Revenue Offsets 6. General Provisions 7. Assuring Portability
What is Tort Law? A tort is a wrongful act, other than a breach of contract, resulting in injury to one person by another.
Do all states have Medical Practice Laws? Yes
What is Battery? Unprivileged touching of one person by another
What is informed consent? you must informe the patient about the nature of any procedure and how it is to be performe, any possible risks involved, any other methods of treatment and those risks, risks if no treatment is given.
What is Slander? False and malicious spoken words with a third party seeing or hearing.
What is Libel? False and malicious writing about another, such as in published materials, pictures, and media.
Invasion of Privacy? Unauthorized publicity of patient imformation, medical records being released without the patient's knowledge and permission.
What is Implied Consent? Occurs when there is a life-threatening emergency, or the patient is unconscious or unable to respond.
name at least 2 rules of "discovery" 1. Interrogatory 2. deposition
What are the things that Physicians must report under law? Transmittable or contagious diseases and injuries resulting from knife or gunshot because they jeopardize public health and welfare.
Created by: Seanmorrone