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med term word parts

azot/o nitrogenous waste
bacteri/o bacteria
cyst/o bladder
glomerul/o glomerulus
glycose/o sugar,glucose
keten/o ketones
lith/o stone
meat/o meatus
nephr/o kidney
noct/i night
olig/o scanty
pyel/o renal pelvis
ren/o kidney
ur/o urine
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
urin/o urine
-lith stone
-ptosis drooping
-uria urine condition
colp/o vagina
episi/o vulva
gynec/o woman/female
hyster/o uterus
mamm/o breast
salping/o uterine tubes, fallopian tubes
perine/o perineum
nat/o birth
oopphor/o ovary
vas/o vas deferens
andr/o male
crypt/o hidden
balan/o glans penis
orch/o testes
vesicul/o seminal vesticle
varic/o dilated vein
testicul/o testes
-arche beginning
-salphinx uterine tube
-tocia labor, childbirth
-gravida pregnancy
-spermia condition of sperm
concuss/o to shake violently
cerebell/o cerebellum
cerebr/o cerebrum
encephala/o brain
gli/o glue
mening/o meninges
myel/o spinal cord
neur/o nerve
astr/o star
poli/o gray matter
pont/o pons
radicul/o nerve root
thalam/o thalamus
vertricul/o vertricle
medull/o medulla oblongata
ethesi/o senstation, feeling
-paresis weakness
-taxia muscle coordination
alges/o sense of pain
ton/o tone
dur/o dura mater
clon/o rapid contracting and relaxing
centr/o center
meningi/o meninges
ment/o mind
angi- vessel
anther- aorta
cardi heart
atri atrium
isch to hold back
phleb vein
sphygm pulse
steth chest
thromb clot
valvul valve
vascul blood vessel
vas vessel, duct
ven vein
ventricul ventricle
aort aorta
arteri artery
coron heart
valv valve
-ule small
-ole small
-manometer instrument to measure presure
-tension pressure
varic dilated vein
myocardi heart muscle
thromb clot
agglutin clumping
chrom color
coagul clotting
erythro red
fibrin fibers, fibrous
hemat blood
phag eat, swallow
leuk white
morph shape
sanguin blood
eosin rosy red
thym thymus
adenoid adenoids
tonsill tonsills
tox poison
splen spleen
lymphaden lymph node
lymphangi lymph vessel
-cytosis more than normal number of cells
-globin protein
-poiesis formation
-penia abnormal decrease
-stasis standing still
bar weight
appendo appendix
chloecyst gallbladder
cec cecum
hepat liver
lingu tongue
gastr stomach
proct anus and rectum
pharyng throat, pharynx
cholangi bile duct
sialaden salivary gland
or mouth
odont tooth
choledoch common bile duct
gingiv gums
gloss tongue
colon colon
enter small intestine
labi lip
-tripsy surgical crushing
-pepsia digestion
-prandial pertaining to a meal
-phagia eat, swallow
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