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Vol 2

What is considered the principle responsibility of the US armed forces? 201-1 To employ rapid and decisive military power to achieve US objectives, and to do so in a manner that sustains the fruits of success in the post conflict environment.
Who assists the president in developing a National Security Strategy? 201-6 National Security Council.
Who advises the president and SECDEF concerning the application of military power? 201-7 Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), in consultation with the other members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).
What makes up the total force? 202-1 Air Force active duty, air Reserve Components (ARC), Department of the Air Force (DAF) civilians, contractors supporting the Air Force mission, and other civilian personnel not employed by the DOD who support the AF mission
What does total force accountability enable planners and managers to do? 202-4 To support the commander’s concept of operations.
Describe the responsibility of the reserves. 202-7 The reserves defend the US through control and exploitation of air and space by supporting global engagement,
What are the two AEF concept fundamental principles? 203-2 provide trained and ready air and space forces for national defense. to meet national commitments through a structured approach which enhances total force readiness and sustainment.
How is joint operation planning conducted? 204-2 Joint operation planning is conducted within the chain of command that runs from the President through the SECDEF to the CCDRs and their subordinated JFCs.
What is the objective of a concept plan? 204-6 to develop sound operational and support concepts that can be rapidly expanded into an OPORD if necessary.
Who prepares supporting plans? 204-7 supporting combatant commanders, subordinate joint force commanders, component commanders, or other agencies.
What do war planners use UTCs to document? 205-2 total Air Force manpower and logistics requirements needed to support the National Military Strategy during operational planning and execution activities.
What do UTCs define? 205-3 by definition define capabilities
When is a UTC usable? 205-4 when it has been registered in DCAPES with MEF and/or equipment estimates
What does UTC attributes provide? 205-9 provide the description, status, responsible organization, type, and transportation requirements.
What does posturing a UTC consist of? 206-2 entering a UTC for a specific unit into UTC Availability
Mobilization encompasses all activities necessary for what? 207-3 for the orderly transition of active and ANG/USAFR forces from a peacetime to wartime posture.
What is the purpose of mobilization planning? 207-5 the means by which organizations charged with mobilization responsibilities define policies and document procedures to complete tasks
What is the push-pull process intended to do? 207-7 intended to supplement the normal requirements based mobilization process (that is, mobilization to meet requirements only as they become known) and will be employed only when determined to be appropriate by the HQ USAF/CAT
When deactivation is directed, the servicing MPS is responsible for what actions? 208-2 the servicing MPS is responsible for reviewing each separation in relation to deactivation and assisting affected member in determining any selective alternative available to them.
The wing/installation commander is responsible for making sure the installation is capable of supporting what? ensuring the installation is capable of supporting deployment operations
Who designates an IDO and also alternate IDOs? The wing and installation commander
How does the installation deployment officer act on behalf of the wing/installation commander? in directing, controlling, coordinating, and executing deployments and installation exercises (to include associate units).
How is the IDO appointed? in writing, signed by the wing/installation commander for a minimum period of 18 months (with the exception of short-tour locations where the minimum period is 12 months).
How often does the IDO conduct staff assistance visits (SAVs)? 20 months for all assigned units, including associate units, with a deployment commitment.
When the IDRC is up and running, what is the IDO responsible for? overall management and control of the IDRC, DCC, PDF, and CDF
What does the IDO use the deployment process working group (DPWG) for? discuss overall deployment program status and current issues along with ensuring all components of the integrated deployment system (IDS) are operational to the maximum extent possible.
The wing/installation commander determines the frequency and scope of exercises based on what? what is necessary to ensure the deployment process runs efficiently and that all units, including associate units, are prepared to deploy.
The mission support group commander is responsible to the wing/installation commander for ensuring what? 209-10 ensuring the wing/installation and all assigned units are prepared to execute deployment operations.
What is considered the main focus of the logistic readiness squadron commander? provide logistic support to facilitate installation deployment operations.
What is considered the focal point of the installation deployment readiness cell (IDRC)? all deployment and execution operations.
The permanent staff of the IDRC comprise of what personnel? IDO, logistics plans, and the IPR personnel.
Name the accountability categories the commander is responsible for? 210-1 Title 32 (ANG), Title 10 (active duty and air Reserve Component), Title 5 (DOD civilians), family members, and contractors.
Accountability is first and foremost whose responsibility? 210-4 command responsibility.
AFPAAS is an efficient way to do what? 210-5 track and assess total force Airmen and family members during a crisis.
What agency serves as the primary distribution and collection point for information regarding impacted threatened personnel? 210-6 The Headquarters Air Force Personnel Center and Personnel Readiness Center (HQAFPC/PRC)
Each MAJCOM and the NGB provide personnel accountability of whom personnel assigned to any base or outlying area impacted by the natural disaster or national emergency and any personnel on leave or TDY in the area of concern.
What does the unit control center (UCC) serve as for the commander? commander’s communications channel to each individual assigned to an organization and provide a single point of contact for resources requested from the IC via the ECC or EOC.
Who has jurisdiction of the personnel control center? 210-9 MPS commander or equivalent.
Who establishes PTs? 211-1 Air Staff PERSCO FAM, HQ USAF/A1PR, and sourced to the MAJCOMs to meet the national military strategy and the Joint Capabilities Plan (JSCP).
Who ensures recertification training is accomplished for failure to demonstrate proficiency? 211-4 FSS commanders
What purpose does strength accountability provide? 211-5 valuable planning and decision-making information to senior leaders at all levels concerning deployed force closure, force sustainment, and force availability
What is the job of the deployed equipment custodian? 12-2 all GCCS-AF equipment (to include laptop/desktop, printer, scanner, docking station) is inventoried, at the beginning and end of each cycle, on the GCCS-AF Inventory sheet provided by HQ AFPC.
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